Asset Management Software

Our Free Asset Management software is a 100% Network asset tracking solution engineered to provide a scalable, customizable, easy-to-use solution for any fixed or digital asset tracking need. Asset Management software is easily installed on any standard LAN server, is compatible with all ODBC compliant databases, and can be accessed by any Internet enabled platform.

In running a successful organization, you need to deliver high-quality IT services that meet agreed-upon service levels and quickly adapt to changes in your environment. At the same time, you need to obtain maximum value from your IT assets for the highest possible Return on Investment. To economically balance these priorities and maximize your day-to-day IT service support and delivery, you need effective asset management - detailed data about What assets you have? Where they are located? How well they are working? How much they cost? and How effectively they are supporting your business?

Our Asset Manager gives you the tools to track and manage your assets throughout their life cycle, and gives you critical information about all assets in your Business. Whether you require a desktop solution or a web-based solution, Our asset Management Software can meet your needs. With the flexibility to start small and add to your solution, our scalable product will grow with your organization’s asset management and facility maintenance department's needs.

What is Asset Management Software?
Asset Management Software is designed to manage the Business of the big companies having big Assets whether it's Equipment, Software, or other resources. Asset Management Software keeps track of all necessary things like Hardware, License, Leasing Information and much more. With this information we come to know when new equipment needs to be purchased, when leases are up and the amount of the equipment that is owned.

    Features Of Asset Management Software
  • Automatically discover hardware and software inventory information.
  • Reduce cost of ownership and improve resource utilization.
  • Ability to attach assets to scanned workstations.
  • Ability to manually add missing software.
  • Asset repository database
  • Minimal impact on network resources and user performance
  • Manages visual asset-related data, providing quick and easy identification of critical asset information to improve operational efficiency.
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved IT security through advanced Configuration Item control
  • Integrated task management

Benefits Of Asset Management Software
Depending in kind of your business needs and Asset Management Software here are some benefits for you to utilize it in the way you want to:
1. It keeps your work in flow without paper trails.
2. You can keep track of the Asset companies, Hardware, Software, Electronics and Automobiles, etc.
3. It also provides management reports on the companies assets.
4. It keeps record of the leases of the companies.
5. It provides facility to make changes in the Asset Management Software.
6. Helps in reducing total cost of ownership.

These are few benefits, which will help you to implement Asset Management Software for your business. As there are many other Asset Management Software packages available, it is good to determine your Asset Management requirements and implements a trial version before you choose your management software solution.

Automated Process reduces data-entry time while improving accuracy. Automated data transfer between the desktop database and hand held units keeps data current on both. Allow businesses to store asset information in one centralized database, give access to anyone in the wired/wireless world.

Achieve greater efficiency in asset management by managing all your asset types on a single platform. Improved IT security through advanced Configuration Item control. Increased customer satisfaction. Asset management data improves the control and management of IT assets through details on memory, network devices and physical locations.

Asset management data improves the control and management of IT assets through details on memory, network devices and physical locations.

We provide flexible services on the basis of their needs and thereby can cater the immediate necessities in the best talented way.Manage all of your asset deployment, specifications, monitoring, calibration, costing and tracking from a single system.Information improves the efficiency of IT organizations. Reducing time spent on support and maintenance issues, provides more time for innovation and production.

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