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Does your business require a better way to improve operational efficiency?
Need the tools to better manage your inventory by saving time and reducing errors?
Utilizing Virtual Splat's Barcode Software may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Business owners managing information require the ability to track inventory thereby saving time and gaining the ability to respond more quickly to inquiries and changes in their day to day operations.

A Barcode (for the information of those not living in this century) is a tiny product identifier made up of numbers and lines. It looks unassuming, and maybe you’ve even wondered whether it has any real use at all. But manufacturers need a way to track their products. Bar-codes are the best way to fulfill this need, and Barcode Software gets the job done.

Bar-codes provide a simple and inexpensive method of encoding text information that is easily read by inexpensive electronic readers. Barcoding also allows data to be collected rapidly and with extreme accuracy. A barcode consists of a series of parallel, adjacent bars and spaces. Predefined bar and space patterns or "symbolizes" are used to encode small strings of character data into a printed symbol. Bar-codes can be thought of as a printed type of the Morse code with narrow bars (and spaces) representing dots, and wide bars representing dashes. A Barcode reader decodes a barcode by scanning a light source across the barcode and measuring the intensity of light reflected back by the white spaces. The pattern of reflected light is detected with a photo-diode which produces an electronic signal that exactly matches the printed bar code pattern. This signal is then decoded back to the original data by inexpensive electronic circuits. Due to the design of most bar code symbolizes, it does not make any difference if you scan a bar code from right to left or from left to right.

The basic structure of a bar code consists of a leading and trailing quiet zone, a start pattern, one or more data characters, optionally one or two check characters and a stop pattern.

New "2-Dimensional" bar code symbolizes like PDF417, Aztec Code and Data Matrix are also now available that can encode several thousand bytes of data in a single bar code symbol including text or binary data. The newer 2D bar code symbolizes typically require special bar code readers that are designed specifically for reading them.

Bar-codes provides a quick and error free means for inputting the data into an application running on a computer. By using bar codes, the potential for errors from manual data input is eliminated. Another typical application for bar codes is therefore for inputting data without having to type. For example you could encode name or address data in a bar code on an ID badge and then scan the ID badges to input a persons name into a computer program instead of typing the information.

Virtual Splat's Barcode Software can construct all common linear bar-codes using barcode fonts. This feature enables businesses to create bar-codes as part of the larger economic system. It can print the required labels so they can be attached or added on to the desired product.

Once you have a bar code in hand, you must read it and process the information. Reading Bar codes requires three basic decisions. You must decide on the input device, the decoder, and the interface. The input device reads the bar code and transmits the data to the decoder, which converts the data to ASCII characters. The interface is the connection between the decoder and the computer.

But bar-codes also need to be read and stored. Some Barcode Software will also be equipped with bar code readers, asset tracking, tool tracking, document tracking, and borrower tracking. These features will give the user an advantage when maintaining a record of inventory and production.

Of course, bar-codes are also essential to purchasing. But they can be a huge benefit to any manufacturer, because of the way they are used when responding to concerns and meeting customers’ needs. In the past, some businesses have had to recall certain products after they were found to be faulty. How else would the right products be recalled if not for the data stored in those little lines and numbers? Also consider products like baby car seats. The bar-codes or serial numbers can tell a parent whether an older seat is in line with current laws and safety regulations. They simply contact the manufacturer with the Barcode information. Because that information is stored by Barcode Software, the questions can be answered without much trouble.

Our Barcode software offers a solution to this problem by utilizing a photo sensor system to convert Barcode into an electrical signal that permits faster and more accurate recording of coded information.

What Is Barcode Software?
Barcode software utilizes machine readable symbols made of patterns of black and white bars and stripes. Bits of information are encoded within bar codes and are read by a bar code scanner. Barcode software is most often used in conjunction with databases and is utilized on everything from shipping forms, labels, ID cards, direct mail pieces, tape cartridges and invoices to retail items. Barcode software does not require human input, can be read by automated machines and is virtually error free.

Barcode Software Benefits:-
Depending on your business needs and the barcode software, you can hope to gain several benefits from utilizing barcode software in your environment. Some of the benefits may include are:

  • Improve operational efficiency
    Barcode Reading Software by Virtual Splat
  • Reduces human errors and saves time.
  • Cuts cost in maintaining manual inventory organization.
  • Benefits from customer or regulatory requirements.
  • Maintains a standardized process.

In today's business environment, staying competitive is critical to your success. Barcode data-collection technology is an effective way to improve the bottom line and meet the competitive challenges your organization faces every day.

This special guide is designed to give you and your company information about Barcode data-capture technology.

Combined with data-collection technology, bar-codes provide a rapid, accurate, and efficient means to collect, process, transmit, record, and manage data in a variety of industries. Retail, package delivery, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, and point-of-service applications can all benefit from the use of bar-codes.

Barcode is a fundamentally simple technology. But like the chain - or the wheel - simplicity of concept relies heavily on excellence of total execution. Data ID takes full responsibility to provide you, our customer, with every link in the chain.

Data ID supplies bar code printers, barcode readers, barcode labels, barcode networking devices and barcode data concentrates. All the hardware, and the labels, and the systems and software that tie everything together.

Barcode data-collection systems provide enormous benefits for any business. With a barcode data-collection solution, capturing data is faster and more accurate, costs are lower, mistakes are minimized, and managing inventory is much easier. The following are some of the benefits of bar code data entry.

Fast and Reliable Data Collection
Faster Data Entry:- A Barcode scanner typically can record data five to seven times as fast as a skilled typist.

10,000 Times Better Accuracy:- Keyboard data entry creates an average of one error in 300 keystrokes. Barcode data entry has an error rate of about 1 in 3 million.

Reduced Costs
Labor Costs:- This is the most obvious benefit of Barcode data collection. In many cases, this cost savings pays for the entire data-collection system. Don't put all of your attention on this benefit, however. Even though this is the most apparent benefit, it is often overshadowed by even greater savings from other areas.

Reduced Revenue Losses Resulting from Data Collection Errors:- This benefit often surpasses the savings in labor costs. You know that if you make a significant error on an invoice in the customer's favor, you will never hear about it again. However, if the error is in your favor, you will hear about it immediately. In most companies, it doesn't take many errors to amount to a great deal of lost revenue.

Necessary Inventory Levels:- Using bar codes is one of the best ways to reduce inventory levels and save on capital costs. Keeping a tight handle on inventory can save significant amounts of money.

Improved Management
Better Decision Making:- Although hard to measure, this is an important benefit. In many cases, improved management due to automated data collection technology could be the best benefit of a bar code system. A bar code system can easily gather information that would be difficult or impossible to gather in other ways. This allows managers to make fully informed decisions that can affect the direction of a department or company.

Faster Access to Information:- This benefit goes hand in hand with better decision making. With better information, you can gain opportunities and get the jump on competition.

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