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Online Web Based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software package that runs various platform like (Windows 95,97,2000,XP). Our powerful, cost effective CRM software solutions help to create profitable Customer Relationship Management that consistently passes the test of time.

You think CRM software is overpriced, too difficult to install, and too difficult to operate, you only know the half of it, as we have well analyzed the CRM software with our 8 year of experience in the software field the software is ready to install and smooth to run.

CRM software reduces service costs and maximizes sales and marketing dollars by organizing a business around its customers. The way CRM Software handles rapidly changing data, with accuracy, and the instant responses to the varied needs of sales reps and service technicians can mean the difference between the failure and success of your business. Because of the smooth and sensible integration of sales, marketing, service and support, UPTURNED CRM software not only saves you time and money, but it strengthens and builds your most important asset, the relationships you have with your customers.

CRM software is a fully customizable web-enabled customer relationship management. CRM solution that provides simple and affordable contact management, sales force automation, issue tracking and lead tracking. CRM application includes the features to meet all of your CRM requirements in a single tool. This powerful CRM solution is designed to easily integrate data from your web site, external database and remote applications making. CRM Software is the perfect tool for managing and integrating your geographically dispersed sales force, customer support, marketing, engineering and manufacturing teams.

Virtual Splat CRM Software greatly improves customer service and customer retention by storing every transaction in your database so that anyone who comes into contact with the customer sees only current and reliable information.

Features and Benefits

Network Based: The CRM software solution is accessed securely via username and password over the network. All set up and support of your CRM software solution is handled centrally by Strategies. You just need to install locally on your PC or network, simply access your CRM software solution.

User Interface: E-CRM has a base of core functions all of which can be customized to your exact requirements. Only the fields and menus you need are included, making the user interface of our CRM software solution much simpler than those incorporating every feature for every industry imaginable as in a conventional package. You are not forced into using overblown software developed to encapsulate all; our CRM software solution is designed to fit your profile.

Security and Administration: All of our database servers can by backed up on a regular, tight schedule every day. You can take care of the backing up of your data on a daily basis, removing another chore from your daily routine.

Various Levels of Access Possessed by Users Are: Super users - access to all data
Managers - access to all data for a group
Users - access to their own data
Special users - access to selected data in read only

All of these access levels are configurable by you (by the Super User) from within your CRM software package. In addition, Super Users can also configure other lists with the CRM software, including organization & user categories, industry sectors, services provided and transaction types.

Structure of the data: The core structure of the CRM software solution is:
Organization data – Organization details can be stored within defined categories
Contacts - Contacts are the core records and contain as much detail as you require
Transactions – Records anything that happens with a contact

Transactions: Transactions are the core of the CRM software solution. The manager of the system (Super user) can define the types of transactions available to users. Recording transactions can be simple or very sophisticated. The basic transaction contains:
Attachment (e.g. word document, PDF)
A sophisticated transaction can be anything from a training record to a billing request. Sophisticated transactions are constructed by Strategies according to your specific requirements.

Reports of CRM Software: The basic reports let user select:
Date range
All or selected organization
All or selected transactions

Notifications: Integration with email systems provides configurable notifications of tasks.

Document Linking: Documents can be linked as attachments to leads, opportunities and issues.

Wireless Support: Allows access to current information from anywhere in the world

Customizable work flows: Separate, customizable work flows for sales, support and defect tracking

Easy to Use and Deploy: Designed for the Internet from the ground-up, system is accessed via a central web server.

Customizable Fields: Visual design tools allow for easy customization of the system and user interface.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a term for software solutions that help companies manage customer relationships in an organized & controlled way. The purpose of customer relationship management is to enable a company to serve its clients & customers in a better way through automated processes, personal information gathering software, processing and self-service.

CRM is a business philosophy that places customer needs as the most important focal point for a business organization. CRM solution is the ultimate need for every business. CRM application allows organization to automate the production proposal for their clients and prospects. As customer is the most important entity of every business, CRM solution makes companies possible to track every minute interaction with customer and that’s result to know the customer ultimate need and which helps to serve customer better.

Virtual Splat strives to provide excellence in a timely, professional and courteous manner. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff consistently seeks to add value to our customers by meeting their expectations and maximizing interactions. We aim to engage customers in discussion about how to improve our service levels and display our commitment to upholding professional standards.

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