Hassle Free Electronics and Appliances Goods Distributor Software

Best Software for Electronics and Appliances Distribution Business in India. Perfect solution for distributor, wholesaler and retailer. Centralization of various branches. Reduce Time and Increase efficiency in business.

Electronics Appliances Showroom

Running multiple branches, maintaining the stock is the biggest challenge for the distributor and wholesaler business. Maintaining demand of customers and providing services and products to customers on time is the biggest concern for electronic and appliances business.

Problem faced by Distributor, Wholesaler and Retailer is to maintain live inventory with accuracy in the warehouse from multiple locations. Also there is a problem to maintain service calls and follow up, as this helps wholesale and distributor to get repeat business in the electronics and appliances business.

Some products in the electronics business are seasonal and there is always an upgrade in various products. Having latest model appliances and maintaining their stock in multiple branches always worries the business man. Sometimes Electronic Wholesaler Business depends on multiple software which rather than solving their problem, the software becomes the part of the problem.

All these issues keep businessmen worried and have hindrances in their growth. Their sales is disturb which makes their business stagnant.

Electronics and appliances good distributors need to keep on upgrading their business by making it automated. This business need is to have one stop solution to all the above problems. Also it has to be easy, simple and fast. Since the staff at the counter are not always computer savvy in handling technology.

Solution to all the above problems is our Electronics And Appliances Goods Distributor Software. A complete cloud based solution specifically designed for Wholesaler and Distributor Business. By studying their day to day operation and also keeping the growth factor in mind, we have designed the software such that it's easily adaptable, accurate and still simple to learn and use.

Once the Electronics And Appliances Goods Distributor implemented Virtual Splat Distributor Software it helps to maintain the inventory accurately. This will give more clarity on sales and purchase reports with decision making analysis and MIS. The software will automatically generate a GST report which can be filed directly. Also data will be exported to various other ERP's.

By using our one stop application, electronic and distributor businesses can achieve their vision.

  • Advantage

    1. After implementation user can see live inventory from all locations.

    2. Distributors can use the application from mobile.

    3. Electronic and appliances businesses can use the application from anywhere and anytime.

    4. Customisation makes the software user friendly.

    5. E- Invoice system.

  • Benefits

    1. Online applications with mobile apps have made Electronic appliances businesses work process more simpler and easier to maintain.

    2. Software is online so it is easy to run on any system.

    3. Live ledger report of all distributors.

    4. Customisation makes the software user friendly.

    5. Realtime tracking of accounts and stock.

    6. Email and SMS Integration.

    7. Pay for only those features that a business needs.

    8. Multiple report generating system

  • Active stock of counter report updation: Users can see live inventory with the dead stock. Users can be sure with the feature of Active stock of counter report that the inventory are all in working and none of stock are deffective. This report will help Electronics And appliances businesses to see Live inventory with real stock.

    They can even get a report of defective stock in their warehouse. This will help them to know the records of defective stock and will be able to connect with the manufacturer of defective goods for the replacement. Store team work is made easier in coordinating and replacing the goods, getting credit notes or money back etc. all these can be done and records can be maintained.

    Distributors can directly place the order on the application by using their customer id and by knowing stock availability. There is no need to keep calling to know about stock availability as there is a live inventory facility available.

    Users can also see the pending order on the dashboard. Sales bill will also be generated according to live inventory and availability of the products.

    Virtual Splat Electronic and Appliances software is so user friendly that wholesalers and distributors can also see records of their sales team visit and their efforts on increasing sales. Page created on application for sales team. Here the sales team can do weekly planning of their visit in advance. Planning of the visit can be done from anywhere as the application can also be operated from mobile. Datewise precise planning can be done by the sales team. Records updated by the sales team of their visit can be crossed checked by the management and data is also maintained.

    To make salespeople visit more relevant, masters are created with various options. Where they just have to tick the predefined options. Management work of analysis is done with ease. These also help electronic and appliances businesses to keep track and analyse salespeople. Weekly reports can be generated of the salesperson by management. Group is created in the masters for sales. Users can get reports and the details of the sales person with the expense done on each sales person.

    Salesperson plan visits are displayed on the dashboard. He can login into the dashboard and find the details of his visit. He can enter his every visit in time and out time with just one click, he can also update per day expenses in the sheet with all details in it. This will not only help the sales person to show his hard work and dedication towards its work, but will also help wholesaler businesses to keep track of his sales team and their outcome and the expense done on each salesperson. Cancellation of the visit can be done from anywhere with just one click and the data will be uploaded automatically, there is no confusion to the salesperson and he can simply concentrate on his sales. All this can be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis by generating reports. All these features make the sales process easy and convenient.

    All salespersons can see their own individual data.This will not create any confusion between salesperson and their schedule. If a salesperson is visiting a new client, he can upload the longitude and latitude with just one click and he can be tracked by his management. No visiting the same places by different salespeople. This helps them to save time and effort. A salesperson can visit 2 different places on the same day or same places on different days. All the details can be stored by the salesperson. This can help wholesale businesses to increase their sales. With all the features of sales visit Electronic and appliances wholesalers don't need to take individual updates from every salesperson. They can generate reports and keep track of expenses done on each salesperson and investment done on them, whether giving wholesalers business.

    Electronic and Distributor businesses can upload various schemes implemented by them on the dashboard. This can be viewed by the admin directly on the dashboard. No confusion by any client and there is no need for any one to keep asking for the scheme.




    The software has below modules.

    1. User Management

      • Designation Master

      • User Master

      • Change Password

    2. Company Master

    3. Location Management

      • Country Master

      • State Master

      • City Master

      • Location Master

      • Country Master

    4. Account Management

      • HSN Master

      • Group Master

      • Ledger Master

      • Customer Master

      • Vendor Master

    5. Inventory

      • Unit Master

      • Size Master

      • Category Master

      • Sub Category Master

    6. Utilities

      • Dash Board Configuration

    7. Transaction
      1. Opening Stock

      2. Stock Transfer

        • Stock Transfer Outward

        • Stock Transfer Inward

      3. Purchase

        • Purchase Order

        • Purchase Invoice

        • Purchase Return Debit Note

      4. Sales

        • Sales Invoice

        • Sales Return Credit Note

      5. Stock Adjustment Entry

      6. Audit

      7. Upload options

        • Upload Product Master

        • Upload Opening Stock

      8. Utilities

      9. Reports
        1. Purchase Register

          • Purchase Register

            • Detailed Purchase Register
            • Product wise Purchase Summery
            • Product wise Purchase Share
            • Supplier wise Purchase Summery Register
            • Supplier wise Purchase Summery Register with Share Percetage
            • Summery Purchase Register
          • Purchase Return Register

            • Detailed Purchase Return Register
            • Product wise Purchase Return Summery Register
            • Product wise Purchase Return Share
            • Supplier wise Purchase Return Summery Register
            • Supplier wise Purchase Return Summery Register with Share Percetage
        2. DashBoard Reports

          • Department wise Sales Summery
          • Department wise Purchase Summery
          • Suppier / Brand wise Sales and Purchase Summery
          • Department wise Stock Summery
          • Product Performance Report
          • Store wise Sales and Summery
          • Average Ticket Size
          • Department wise Gross Profit Summery
        3. Customer Feedback Report

        4. Sales Related Report

          • Sales Register Report

            • Sales Register Report
            • Daily Sales Register Report
            • Product wise Sales Summery Register
            • Supplier wise Sales Summery Register
            • Product wise Sales Summery Register Share
            • Supplier wise Sales Summery Register Share
          • Sales Return Report

            • Product wise Sales Return
            • Product wise Sales Return Share
            • Supplier wise Sales Return Summery Register
            • Supplier wise Sales Return Summery Register Share
            • Party wise Sales Return
        5. Inventory Reports

          • Barcode Wise Stock Report

          • Stock Report

          • Sales Receipt Report

            • Party wise Sales Receipt Register
            • Daily Sales Receipt Register
          • Reward Balance Report


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