Online Web Based Excise Software

Virtual Splat's Online Web Based Excise Accounting Software is 100% web based, Easy, Interactive designed program.

Service is one of the major critical success factors for any software company to grow in the long run. Software cannot survive without strong support, especially a software like Excise which requires maximum support for regular updates. Excise is one of the most crucial aspects of business in India, which undergoes frequent changes. Furthermore, to update these kind of changes on a regular basis is a phenomenal task. However,Virtual Splat Excise Software has managed this area of business with proficiency.

Excise accounting software is prepared for all the companies, to maintain the accounts, integrated with the Excise taxes, of the daily transactions of purchase & sales with the suppliers & clients respectively. Besides, there are other vouchers also to be prepared in any business you deal; therefore from years businessmen are maintaining accounts for the same. Maintaining accounts is necessary to keep in track for the record of profit & loss occurred to your business.

From past a decade most of the companies use "Tally" software, for the accounting purpose, then why one would choose Virtual Splat's Excise Accounting Software. Because Tally does not provide other features besides accounts, whereas with "Virtual Splat" you will be benefited with customized Excise accounting software package integrating Excise tax & other taxes implied by the government, which you require besides accounts.

All the business men trading has to include the taxes implied by the government to their purchase materials like "Excise Tax", "Edu Cess Tax" &" Vat Tax", thereby it becomes very convenient if a software provided, which also calculates these taxes within it, is available. As these Taxes are universal for all the businessmen, defined by the government on each product & thereby it has to be implemented timely.

In view to all these hassles occurred to all businessmen, Virtual Splat's Excise accounting software is the unique solution. As it also calculates Excise & other Taxes implied by the government on the purchase & sales transactions. Also, if according to the government there is new "Tax" added then you can add the new "Tax" or customize the previous as & when required.

  • Analyzing & Auditing forms of Company, Groups, Ledgers, Stock Info, Vouchers, Duties & Tax Info & Reports, at the click of the button.
  • An option of daily / monthly posting & also all these forms are created altered & displayed on your fingertips.
  • Sales / Purchase Register / Date-wise / Item-wise / Party-wise.
  • All the type of Taxes, Inventory values & Interest calculations parameter & also Opening balance included in the "Ledger" module.
  • Stock Taking, allows you to tally your physical stock with computer stock and lets you update your purchase/sale/stock data, intelligently and with ease.
  • The Excise Accounting Software provides, Warehouse Management which allows user to sale products from multiple Go down.
  • The best feature of "Conversion of unit of measure" module provided. Also Multiple Units Options for an Item provided.
  • Also you need not worry about Accounting codes / Serial no. of voucher etc. in our software since the system auto-generates the same.
  • Individual Vouchers available to post each entry in regard to the transaction made.
  • "Duties & Taxes" module available wherein option to add variable Excise duty setting in Final value also provided.
  • Fast "Excise" Invoice Generation & also Updated with "Education Cess" & "Vat" taxes.
  • It takes care of all the necessary documentation and practices in the preview of excise operator's day to day activities.
  • The software offers you comprehensive solution to maintain Central Excise records with option for simultaneous integration of the same with your accounting system.
  • Adaptability with latest notification & to stay prepared for Excise Audit at any given point of time.
  • Percentage of Excise Duty linked with Progressive amount & User definable percentage of Excise Duty (e.g. 9.6% to 16%) included.
  • All Excise Accounting reports can be previewed, printed, exported to Excel/Word etc., or can be faxed or emailed.
  • Reports will be generated on the basis of "Tally" software, to get more precised in maintaining accounts.
  • Reports generated are RG 23 D Register, Purchase Excise, Excise Sales Rate, Abstract, Bank Report, Stock Report, Ledger Account, Account Book, Statements Of Accounts, List Of Account, Day-Book, Vat Report, Profit & Loss Report, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance.
  • Direct Posting from Invoice to RG 23 D Register & Posting of sales return entry to RG 23A Part I & II.
  • Excellent quality of output for all the Reports, all frequently used "Reports", at the click of a button.
  • Accuracy & instant reporting will be the most important feature benefited.
  • Data security through mirror image and encrypted form of Backup option & User-wise entry level security.
  • Maintaining Customer relationship by keeping in touch with the customer's by wishing them on their important dates, sending regular newsletters etc.
  • Also Images have been displayed to get clear details in each modules provided in the Excise Accounting Software
  • User & Entry Level Security
  • Virtual Splat has been kept updated with the fast changing excise laws of our country.
  • Our Excise Software has proved in maintaining an accurate & Error Free
  • Our excise software is very easy and simple to use.
  • Calculation of Excise Duty on the basis of MRP / Abatement etc.

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