Gift, Stationery and Mobile Shop Software.

Perfect solution for your retails business. Accurate and Live Inventory. Total control on purchase and dead stock. Reduce cost. Increase profits by various analytical reports.

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Running a multi retail store in gift, mobile and stationery business is a big challenge. The variety of SKU, changing trends, customers ever changing demands are the biggest concerns for management.

The typical problems faced any businessmen in stationary retails business is the stock accuracy. The real challenge is the number of products they deal in. Also some products are seasonal. Plus there are always new variety in design and functions keeps coming. The ever green trend change in customers is the highest pain to understand. These issues keeps businessmen worry and hence they loose focus in growth and always try to firefight the situation in the last moment.

The need here is to provide a one stop solution for all the above problems. Also it has to be easy, simple and fast. Since the staff at counter are not always computer savvy in handling technology.

Solution to the above problem is our POS Retail Software. A complete cloud based solution specifically designed for Stationery Retailers. By studying their day to day operation and also keeping the growth factor in mind, we have designed the software such that its easily adaptable, accurate and still simple to learn and use.

Once stationery shops implements the software. It will maintain the inventory accurately. Avoiding duplicate or negative stock is the biggest control. All SKU's will be barcode and will be categorized till 3 layers. This will give flexibility in analysis and MIS. The software will automatically generate GST report which can be files directly. Also data will be exported to various other ERP's.

  • Please find below the features of the software.

    1. Complete cloud based system.

    2. No additional infrastructure cost.

    3. Minimum internet speed required

    4. Individual login to every user with change tracking

    5. Multiple Locations Inventory Control

    6. Analytical and Interactive Dashboard

    7. Barcode Generation and Printing

    8. HSN Definition and Slab options.

    9. GST compliance

    10. Exportable to any ERP

    11. Customer and Vendor Management

    12. Discount Management for Customer categories

    13. Reward Points Management on Customer Loyalty

    14. Scheme Management

    15. Various Payment options

    16. Voucher Management

    17. Exchange and Credit Note options.

    18. Inventory Quantity and Unique Serial number wise.

    19. Stock Audit

    20. MIS Reports

    21. Outstanding Alerts

    22. Multiple Sales Counter Analysis

    23. Masters and Stock Upload options.

    24. Email and SMS alerts.




    The software has below modules.

    1. User Management

      • Designation Master

      • User Master

      • Change Password

    2. Company Master

    3. Location Management

      • Country Master

      • State Master

      • City Master

      • Location Master

      • Country Master

    4. Account Management

      • HSN Master

      • Group Master

      • Ledger Master

      • Customer Master

      • Vendor Master

    5. Inventory

      • Unit Master

      • Size Master

      • Category Master

      • Sub Category Master

    6. Utilities

      • Dash Board Configuration

    7. Transaction
      1. Opening Stock

      2. Stock Transfer

        • Stock Transfer Outward

        • Stock Transfer Inward

      3. Purchase

        • Purchase Order

        • Purchase Invoice

        • Purchase Return Debit Note

      4. Sales

        • Sales Invoice

        • Sales Return Credit Note

      5. Stock Adjustment Entry

      6. Audit

      7. Upload options

        • Upload Product Master

        • Upload Opening Stock

      8. Utilities

      9. Reports
        1. Purchase Register

          • Purchase Register

            • Detailed Purchase Register
            • Product wise Purchase Summery
            • Product wise Purchase Share
            • Supplier wise Purchase Summery Register
            • Supplier wise Purchase Summery Register with Share Percetage
            • Summery Purchase Register
          • Purchase Return Register

            • Detailed Purchase Return Register
            • Product wise Purchase Return Summery Register
            • Product wise Purchase Return Share
            • Supplier wise Purchase Return Summery Register
            • Supplier wise Purchase Return Summery Register with Share Percetage
        2. DashBoard Reports

          • Department wise Sales Summery
          • Department wise Purchase Summery
          • Suppier / Brand wise Sales and Purchase Summery
          • Department wise Stock Summery
          • Product Performance Report
          • Store wise Sales and Summery
          • Average Ticket Size
          • Department wise Gross Profit Summery
        3. Customer Feedback Report

        4. Sales Related Report

          • Sales Register Report

            • Sales Register Report
            • Daily Sales Register Report
            • Product wise Sales Summery Register
            • Supplier wise Sales Summery Register
            • Product wise Sales Summery Register Share
            • Supplier wise Sales Summery Register Share
          • Sales Return Report

            • Product wise Sales Return
            • Product wise Sales Return Share
            • Supplier wise Sales Return Summery Register
            • Supplier wise Sales Return Summery Register Share
            • Party wise Sales Return
        5. Inventory Reports

          • Barcode Wise Stock Report

          • Stock Report

          • Sales Receipt Report

            • Party wise Sales Receipt Register
            • Daily Sales Receipt Register
          • Reward Balance Report


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    Post Updated on 06-Jul-2024

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