MIS (Managing Information Software) Software

MIS software helps for managing your accounts, inventory, taxation, payroll, stock, banking, financial and other records.

MIS involves all aspects of gathering, storing, tracking, retrieving and using information within a business or organization. All the policies, procedures, and practices that direct an organization's operations and the staff that interact with the information, combined with the software and hardware, comprise an information system.

MIS Software was developed specifically for the management and tracking of every transaction in regulated environments. Our high-performance, relational database program tracks and maintains accurate, real-time information, yet it is easy to implement and use.

This MIS Software manages your Daily Schedules, Job Summary, Inventory, Accounts and all the Daily transaction. Records include Full Accounting and Inventory Features.

We offer complete custom development Information systems that can take care of business operations.

Management Information (MIS), as it is popularly known, deals with the entry and exit of information in a computer system specially designed for the business purpose. It has several sub components like the Decision support system, marketing information system, financial information system, HR information system, production information system and many more.

MIS Manager is a readily implementable solution, with capability to interface with any existing Data source towards faster and efficient implementation and management. With capability to deploy across the Enterprise, MIS Manager can provide the advantage of managing outputs and Reports generated from various sources and technologies.

Our System Offers Complete Solutions, which include:
  • Cost Management
  • Product Development
  • Inventory Management
  • Integration with Accounting & Invoice Systems
  • Document Management System
MIS Features:
  • Speed of Deployment
  • Customer Support
  • Ease to Use
  • Functionality
  • Achievement of business goals

Many inventory reports are available. There are alphabetizing methods that can be used. You can print physical inventory sheets, parts under minimum stocking quantity, value of inventory (by sales category) and replacement cost.

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