Online Web Based (Browser Based) Inventory and Accounting Software

The online web based inventory and accounting software will give user more flexibility and security to do their business. It is fast and easy to understand and is very convenient to implement. By web based application, you can get up-to-date information about your business any time anywhere with single click. This software will be helpful to you if you are having multiple locations to do business and also want to have a total control on it.

Benefits of having web based software

24x7 availability
Online Software can give you a luxury to access it any time of the day. It is always up and running live for you.
That too from anywhere in the world. You don't have to stick to your PC to access your sales reports and other operations.

Unlimited user
You can make unlimited users and can assign rights to them on various security levels.

No Compatibility Issues
You don't have to worry about the operating system or other installation if you are using a browser based application. Our software will work on any operating system and without any installation required. This will save you lots of infrastructure cost if you are going for an desktop applications, which require specific operating system to run.

Multi Location
You can run your business from multiple location and can also maintain stock and accounts. This way you are always updated with inventory valuations and profitability of locations. You can make as many locations you want without much trouble. User are divided into locations hence, data is also secured and reliable.

Multi User
Create as many user you want in our online software. You can assign rights to every user and can limit his access to data. You can assign multiple locations to user, so that he can see combine reports of those locations.

Control on Pricing and Inventory.
You can control your pricing of your products by predefined their rates for different locations.

Every transaction you see on the software is live and current. By having current data, you can take quick decision which can benefit your business.

Low Hardware Cost
To use our online software, you don't have to spend more money on expensive computer hardware. Any Celeron PC with 64 MB RAM can run the software as effectively as a brand new Pentium.

Instant Support
If there's a new change you want or there's any problem which needs to get resolve. It will take few min. for us to take the action.

Control on Pricing and Inventory.
You can control your pricing of your products by predefined their rates for different locations.

Monitoring System
We have a advance system setup in the software which will monitor the software and mail us whenever there's any issue about performance.

Secured Server and Regular Backup
The software and database will be on server. These server's are very secured and have a state of the art firewall and other safety measures. They daily take backup of the database and also make sure that the server is running 365 days constant.

Features of online accounting and inventory software

Common interface throughout the organization
No matter at how many locations your business is spread. Every employee is working on a common platform which is giving him every time current and updated information. This way you will save time and money on training employees. Every one in the organization is strongly linked with the application and can get benefit by quick response.

No Double Entry
As accounts and inventory are merged. There's no need to do double entry for both. A single entry will take care your accounts and inventory updates. This also reduce employees time and human error.

Easy to track Inventory
Where ever you are, you can track your inventory at different locations. This will give an idea about your stock valuation and also helps you to make future purchase/sales decisions. All the inventory is maintained location wise and user are restricted to play with their location inventory only. This way you can get more output from employees with less mistakes.

Profit Centers
By our web based accounting software, you can split the accounts into locations. This will give you a clear picture about profitability of all the locations. Each and every location can run as an individual profit making company. You can also merge locations to compare profits and other information.


What are the advantages of having an online web based accounting and inventory software?
Easy to Maintain
When ever where will be any update required, we can do it very quickly without any delay. We will regularly take backup of the data hence you don't have to worry about data loss.

Any Time Anywhere
The biggest advantage of having an online software is, you can use it and any time. You don't have to stick to your PC and that too with limited time. Our software is highly compatible with all the browser, hence you can do your business without any trouble.

Common platform to all employees
Your employees will feel easy and comfortable when they are using the same software and will be share the live data. This will reduce the cost and time for employees to train them for different software. The data will be always live, hence they can take the best decision to flourish your business.

We are having lots of employees who are at different locations, how can your software help here?
The primary reason for making a web based software is that, it can be accessible to every one in the organization. You can create individual users name and password to your employees. You can also assign rights to them for security purpose. Once the employee have the user name and password, he can use this software from any location with just a browser on his computer.

How will I get service once I purchase your software
Virtual Splat is having a dedicated team for support, training and maintenance. You can any time make a call or mail or chat with our support staff for your problems.

Can I try it before I buy it?
Yes, you can get a 30 days FREE trial before you decide to purchase our software.

How secure is my data?
Virtual Splat uses the most advance technology to secure your data. All the data is transferred via SSL which is highly secure. Our servers are protected by state of the art firewall and security software's.

Can I give different access to different employees?
Yes, you can give different access to each employee. Hence your data entry operator can not see your financial reports.

What are the minimum system requirements to run your software?
All you need is a browser and Internet connection to use our software.

Can I import data from other accounting packages?
Yes, you can import data from Tally and Excel files into our software. We are updating our software to support more and more accounting packages, hence you don't have to reenter any thing again.

Can I export data or report into MS-Office?
Yes, you can export all the reports in excel format so that you can play with the data off-line. We are updating our software to export data in PDF, WORD, XML and other formats, so that you never get stuck in your business.

Can I see the data in off-line. mode?
No, you can not see the data in off-line. mode. You need to connect to Internet to do all the transactions.

I am not a computer geek also without accounting knowledge, can I use your software?
At virtual splat, we believe to make software's. as easy as possible. You don't have to be a computer expert or should have accounting knowledge. Our software is so easy to use that even a non technical person can use it as efficiently as an accountant or technical. The terms used in our software are very simple and the flow is common for every business man.

Can I use your software on point of sale (sales counter), how fast it will work?
As we know that at point of sale, speed is the most important factor. By using the revolutionary technology called AJAX, our software will perform like a desktop application at sales counter.

My counter staff is not very educated, how can they use the software without any human error?
The key part here is, if you predefined your accounts and other configuration. The counter staff has to just play with minimum area. You can also use Bar-code reader to select products. Even the tax is also predefined so that people on counter don't have to worry about which tax to select when. There are various other options like auto round off, client drill down, auto client dispatch, auto discount etc. by which you can minimize your counter staff efforts to save transactions.

What type of Internet connection I need?
Faster is always better. You can go with any DSL Or Cable modem. At Virtual Splat, we test our software to perform at it best at merely 56 KBPS dial-up connection.

I have a unique way to do business, will you be able to customize your software?
Yes, we will give you customize software once we know your requirements.

Can I get the data into my hard drive?
Yes, you can simply export all the data either in excel or XML in to your hard drive to have peace of mind.

If you have any doubts and quires and for further details please feel free to contact us at


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