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Virtual Splat is one of the foremost company in India, providing Software & IT enabled services across the world. Virtual Splat offers a comprehensive range of onsite and offshore services on various technology.

In this fast moving world by increasing demand, businesses and service providers are constantly on the look for innovative "Smart card" based solutions. Virtual Splat fulfills the requirements of industries & big companies for diverse applications and offer a wide range of "Smart card" based software services and solutions. "Smart card" software is necessary for the multilevel companies & is smart in applications like Electronic cash, Security, Access control, Transportation and RFID / IC Tags.

The Industries & multilevel companies seems to be moving in the paperless direction with electronic records catching up with their respective businesses. And once the records are in place on the web server or company server, what needs next is easy and secure access to information. In an attempt to achieve this, multilevel companies are seriously exploring the possibilities of providing their customers with "Smart cards" systems.

In Multilevel Companies, there are many employees, to maintain the record of each & every employees is been difficult & lengthy procedure for all the businessmen for their companies. Also these multilevel companies has various departments, & in each departments there are many employees allocated. Thereby, to keep track of each employee there are supervisors allocated. Although the business men have rendered supervisors to maintain the same, but as mothers have to feed their own child same way businessmen have to focus on the administration of the business rather than focusing on to expanding it. To keep track on these supervisors would be also difficult, as there is no evidence of their being trustworthy. Day by day your business is growing, but the maintaining process has no change. From years doing manually have been a very hassled life, for all the business men. Moreover to these hassles, employee's lack of sincerity & trust to their "Employers". Customer relationship may affect due to delay of work, mistakes done on the material supplied to the customers, as all these factors are important aspect of any business. Also to allocate so many employees in a company will always affect financial status of any business. Daily all the businessmen face these problems.

Every employee's salary will be considered on the leaves & half days taken. Not only this, Late Coming, Early Going will be also considered. Employee's Total Overtime details, comparing to the absentees, & then overtime done will be considered accordingly. All these records either the employees have to maintain by themselves manually or there is a supervisor to keep the track. Also there is no evidence of the employees to their coming time against to the time record written by them, i.e. the employee arrives at 10 a.m. but he may write the record of 9 a.m. etc.
When there are so many employees in a company, every minute is considered because minutes is not calculated with few of the employees, therefore the time difference also varies largely, & the employees output comes less, which ultimately makes a loss to the your business.

Basically "Smart card" software overcomes these difficulties of, keeping the track of all the employees, particularly for " Attendance" & "Time of arriving & going" etc. of the employees, & especially to them who deals with too many employees.

Virtual Splat, has come with the ideal solution, to this problem which you have been desired from long. Virtual Splat vendor of India has developed "Smart Card" software & has credibility for its excellent resources and skills at very competitive prices all over the world.

Virtual Splat aims to bring our customers the best technology at the lowest prices with the ease of use and reliability that is expected of a world class company. Considering the care of the business needs we will guide the clients to capture the technical requirements for smart card systems. Every customer requires modifications related to their business in their software. To produce detailed specifications, technical architecture and design as required, an customized package will be provided by Virtual Splat.

Virtual Splat has provided "Smart Card" based solutions for Driving License, Healthcare, Fare Collection, Retail, Banking/Finance,National ID, Access control, Toll Collections & many more.

"Smart card" software is highly in use to the "Payroll software" programmers. As it can be integrated to the "Payroll software" & all the time recorded by the "Smart card" software will be transferred to the "Payroll software" which will help the Payroll programmer to calculate each employees salary accordingly.

Virtual Splat's Smart Card software automatically includes the ability to establish billing codes, to track time and expenses for various timekeepers and to create invoices. Time tracking software also typically includes links to accounting programs and extensive time management reports.

    Smart card software tracks the employees record as follows:
  • Employee Shift & Shift rotation with respect to shift cycle.
  • Employee time management, Late Coming, Early going, Absence due to travel on Duty etc.
  • Employee Current Shift & Shift Details.
  • Overtime Details.
  • Leave & Attendance.
  • Leave Balance
  • Late Coming
  • Late Sitting
  • Early Going
  • Employee Total Over Time Hours
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Daily Absent Report
  • Over Time Details
  • Manual Attendance done By Employee details
  • Attendance data can be transfer from any Time Recording Machine.

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