Online Stock Management System by Virtual Splat

Formerly knows as Storeroom Management Software or Stockroom Management Software. Store Management Software helps you to maintain your purchase, stock and consumption.

What is store management software?

Store Management Software help you to maintain your supply and consumption level in your factory. This software keep track of required items and their inventory in the store room. You can also manage your purchase and control rejections. The primary aim of this software is to make sure that there is adequate stock in place in store when required. Plus this software helps the store manager to track down all required items from different department in your factory / office.

What is store management software?

Why do I need store management software for my factory?
"I never get any thing in store when needed."
"Store Manager always over purchase."
"Stock valuation is never perfect."
"Lots of money is blocked in dead stock."
If you frequently hear these conversation in your company then you should get store management software. By implementing store management software you are not just maintaining your stock properly but also saving lots of money on unwanted and dead stock.

What are the features and benefits of Store Management Software?

Technical Features and Benefits

100% Web Based Software

24X7 accessible, Internet browser based system, convenient to use from anywhere in world.

Most Compatible Software

The best part with the browser-based system is that you will have minimum compatibility's issues. The software will work on any operating system from Windows 98 to Vista and even on Mac and Linux.

Easy to Deploy Software

A Deployment of the software will be done from our side in the easiest manner. The database configuration for the first time is a crucial part of any software system will be take care by our expert DBA's.

Support all Browsers

The software is tested on all the famous browsers like Internet Explorer 6, 7 and Fire fox 3.

Unlimited Users

With the browser based software you can keep on making unlimited users without any extra cost. Each user can be assigning user level right to access the database. Logs of all the activities are kept which give you a good control on the software.

Unlimited Reports

We will provide you with unlimited reports as and when you required within your free software support time.

Instant Support

To resolve any Bug or Error in the current system, our support team will respond to your email within 12 working hours.

Live Reports

As the web is LIVE, You will see all the reports with up-to-the-second transactions. This will help you to take immediate steps for further tasks.

Daily Auto Backup

The software is hosted on the state of the art server, which will have auto backup.
There will be a manual backup on magnetic tape every week.
On request we can mail you the database backup.

24X7 Monitoring for Performance and Updates on Server Side

As the system is LIVE and UP we will be monitoring it constantly for performance.
An email get shoot once there?s any error on the server. This will keep us awake to act quickly in critical conditions.

All reports exportable to Excel and PDF

Each reports and transactions prints (Voucher Print) can be exported into Excel / Word or PDF.

Features and Benefits of Store Management Software

Define all Items centrally
This will reduce/remove the confusion when you are dealing with lots of items in store room.

Streamline your requirements
When any one requires any item from store, they have to first make a requisition against which the material will be issued.

Track Pending Requisition
With store management software, you can see how many requests are still pending. This way you will never forget any thing even if it was asked last month.

Purchase Planning
You can easily plan your purchase by viewing various MIS reports. This will give you a grip on sudden and over purchase. Hence you save money.

Quality Control
You can check the quality of the item before you get it into stock. This will reduce your round up with vendor and also reduce rejection.

Track Replacement
Its a very painful job to keep track of items you have given for replacement or repair. But with store management software it will be very much easy and effective. The software can send you auto alerts to get the material back.

Stock at multiple Locations
With store management software you can keep stock at multiple locations. Being a web based software, you can still control the operations no matter where you are.

Finance and Accounts Features and Benefits.

Correct Value of your stock
The most important answer you always want from your store manager is the stock valuation.

Department-wise Consumption
You can generate department-wise stock consumption report. This will help you in cost cutting.

Purchase Control
With store management software, you can control your purchase.

Technical information about Store Management Software.


Master's Module
  • Designation Master
  • Country Master
  • State Master
  • City Master
  • Vendor Master
  • Ledger Master
  • Tax Master
  • Group Master
  • Item Category Master
  • Item Make Master
  • Sub Division Master
  • Item Master
  • Department Master
  • Sub Department Master
  • Sub Sub Department Master
  • Unit Master
  • Form Type Master
  • User Master
  • Update Profile

Transaction's Module
  • Purchase Order
  • Location Transfer Inward
  • Location Transfer Outward
  • Requisition
  • Opening Stock
  • Indent
  • IQR
  • Issue Against Requisition
  • Send For Replacement
  • Item Make Master
  • Send For Repair
  • Obsolete/Scrap
  • Good Receipt Note
  • Repair Receipt
  • Receive From Internal Use
  • Replace Receipt

Report's Module
  • Min Stock Alert
  • Pending Approved Indent Report
  • Daily Material Issue Report
  • Stock Report
  • GRN Report
  • Purchase Report
  • Indent Status Report
  • Item Stock Ledger Report
  • Vendor Details Report
  • Pending Purchase Order Report
  • Rejected IQR Report
  • Replacement Report
  • Good Receipt Note
  • Repair Receipt
  • Receive From Internal Use
  • Replace Receipt

I would like to TRY Store Management Software, before I BUY.


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