Tally Data Migration

Tally is one of the simplest business solutions available. It is one of the famous, common and extensively used software. Tally offers extremely high reliability data.Tally uses signaling quality data integrity checks at a regular levels to ensure complete reliability of data.

Tally provide the user with administator rights, a capability to audit for the correctness of the entries made by authorized users and alter them if needed.

Tally offers high levels of security. The user can define multiple levels of security as per his requirements and every authorized user in the company can have individual passwords with rights to use specific features only. The user with administrator level password will have full access and can set controls to other users.

Tally allows users to select any report for a particular date or for any range of dates.Tally ensures that information is always represented accurately.

Tally maintians all books of accounts starting from records of vouchers,ledgers,etc. Tally maintains books of accounts in base currency.Tally also allows users to enter transactions in multiple currencies and view reports in any of the currencies that have been created in tally.

We always communicate with our people and try to find the best improving method when we meet problems. We insist on accomplishing our solution and do our best.

Interest Calculation is one of the most powerful features available in tally.Tally automatically calculates interest based on the information furnished by the user at the time of creation of ledgers.


Our software is one of the most simple and complete business solutions available in the world. Anybody who has a basic knowledge of accounts or an average knowledge of English can use this Software. It is easy to learn, configure and use.

A Software user can get any reports instantaneously for any date / period and can toggle between reports, either accounting or inventory or even from one company to another company instantaneously.

Software has the power to generate management information, which would help the management in taking correct and quick decisions. This in turn would enable faster growth of business.

Software is very flexible to use.This Software can adapt to any business needs rather than the user trying to change the way his business is run to adapt to the package.

Linking Data:
We can linked your data to create multiple reports according to your requirements

Data Customization:
Even your software don't provide with some reports, by using our software you can easily customize them and can generate which ever reports you want.

Companies are in hunt for a well-managed system, which can link two different software's or it can migrate data from Tally database to another software database or vise-versa.

Virtual splat has found a solution for all the companies who are using more than one software for accounting & inventory system. We help you to transfer, all your data from Tally to any software or vise versa.

This program is basically designed to save time, money and energy. After all to meet the challenges in the business environment one should always look that "time and money both are saved." And Virtual splat is trying to help you to save your money along with your valuable time.

High speed bulk data transfer is an important part of many data-intensive scientific applications.

Easy and efficient Data can help you in importing data from other software and also from older versions of Tally to the latest version thus removing your worry of having data on legacy systems. We can also export data from Tally to other software easily and efficiently.


Avoids Multiple Entries:
By using this program you just have to enter all the data ones and then we would transfer it to Tally database or any other software required.

No Human Error:
There would be less or infact no human errors because the data is entered only once by a person and then the data is migrated to the required software.

Saves Time And Money:
As data is entered only once it saves money, as only one or few employees are required. And also it saves time as only one time entry is done.

Use of Only One Software:
You can use any one software it can be Tally or any other which ever you feel easy. After entering the data, it can be integrated to the other software.

Provides Advance And Customized Reports:
You can get customized and advance reports even though your software don't provide.

If you have any doubts and quires and for further details please feel free to contact us at sales@virtualsplat.com


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