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Today's world is a world of web. Everything has to be quick, efficient & upto mark. A website which has a great design, content & has gone through Search Engine Optimization would be beneficial.

Search engines have formed a way of advertisement for all websites, since surveys has found search engines to be used all over the globe for information and surfing. Hence optimization in major search engines has been the key goal for all companies on the web. Virtual Splat Search Engine Optimization Tutorials would provide you the information that you needed for Search Engine Optimization.


The design has to be simple, and easy to understand. The design should also be attractive that leaves an impact on the viewer. A designer should think like the viewer while designing the site. The pages should be small, so they load fast. The site should be explanatory, as well proper links should be placed. The navigation has to be easy & precise. The look of the Website pages should be consistent.

Many times you would find a lot of animation in the beginning of the site & then suddenly a word appears "Enter" (Enter the Site here). Actual baseness people, genuine surfers or viewers who can turn to buyers would find their time being wasted. As it would be less impressive, they may switch off to the other sites.


Very impressive look but poor content leaves our site low ranked. This eventually results in less visitors & less business. The Search Engine Optimization would try & bring the site on top rankings in Google search. To do so the content has to be in detail. For optimising the site the content has to be explanatory as well complete. All the factors should be included in the content. Inbound links should be provided which helps the viewer to view a particular aspect of that site or an information that he is looking out for.


The keywords should be set with the searches made through "Google Keyword suggestion Tool", "Word Tacker", & "Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool". The keywords should be spread in the content at suitable places for doing SEO of any particular site.


Use <h1> tags for important points. The <h2> <h3> tags can be used too as this enhance the importance of the page. Provide heading tags to keywords for a better search engine optimization of a site.


The SEO that provides alts/tags to the images, logos, links helps the site to reach on the top rankings of search engines like Google Search , Alta Vista & others. Alts & tags are placed for explaining the site more efficiently. Incase of images that are not able to be displayed, the viewers atleast gets an idea of what is being displayed there through "Alt". On the other hand "Tags" provide the brief information about the links or logos & etc.


Links is a valuable source of bringing traffic to your site. When a link is provided to our site pages it yield us a fraction of that site's PR. This also enhances in the SEO of a site. As your PR grows you are listed on the front pages of the search engines like Google Search.

To be on the top listing Search Engine Optimization is the Process. It is not one time job. Many aspects have to be taken into consideration. Regular updations have to be done. High PR is a result of good content and links from high ranking sites. Google has its own algorithms for listing a site on the top. SEO should always watch closely as to which strategy results in a better ranking.


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