Online Web Based Accounting Software

Use our online web based accounting software Any Time, Any Where. Selecting online accounting software is a very tricky business, demanding plenty of time & services-even for the plenty of inexpensive package available.

Selecting the right web based accounting software is critical for optimizing the financial management of your business. Having a handle on your accounting, inventory control and the availability to generate powerful reporting are essential when meeting the challenges of today's business demands. Virtual Splat's online web based accounting Software meets these business demands with the necessary solutions you need to be successful.

Virtual Splat offers you the best business accounting software. We offer all-inclusive package, which includes a comprehensible and comprehensive set of accounting tools, copious help files, useful forecasting features and number of customized features, which will be according to your needs.

Virtual Splat's Accounting Software is completely web based software system. It includes modules for General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Data Exchange, Inventory and Order Entry/Invoicing. Add-on modules also available with Accounting software include Multi-location Inventory, Bank Reconciliation, Cheque Printing, Payroll, Purchase Order, Point of Sale, E-commerce, Report Generator, Job Cost and Bar-code Generator.

Virtual Splat is independent. We're not affiliated with any software developer, nor do we sell any software. We work for you. So you can count on us to find the best accounting software solution.


Ease of Use:
Accounting software that is simple to understand; intuitive, and has simple data entry.

Accounts Payable:
Paying bills, writing checks, paying vendors, making purchase orders, and creating quotes and memos.

Accounts Receivable:
All the reports in the accounts receivable section, including analyze sales and item aging.

Maintenance of stock-on-hand. This includes tracking product numbers, supplier contact information, stocking locations, and different cost methods.

General Ledger:
A record of all transactions (usually kept in book or large file), generally divided into five categories: Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, and Expenses.

Balancing the financial statements of a company.

Job Costing:
Reports that include all job pricing, estimating, or listing job details.

Maintenance of employee records, including direct deposit data, wages, pay periods, and tax forms.


Master :
  • Depo Master
  • Company Master
  • State Master
  • City Master
  • Unit Master
  • Currency Master
  • Category Master
  • Product Master
  • Price List Master
  • CityWise Price List
  • Ledger Master
  • Vendor Master
  • Client Master
  • Agent Master
  • Sales Man Master
  • Delivery Boy Master
  • Employee
  • Opening Stock
  • Tax Master
  • Sales Man Report
  • Sales Man Analysis Report
  • Enquiry Details

Transaction :
  • Inward
    • Purchase Challan
    • Inward rejection
    • Inward Sample
    • Inward Repair
    • Inward Missing
    • Inward Scrap
    • Inward Free
  • Outward
    • Sales Challan
    • Outward rejection
    • Outward Repair
    • Outward Sample
    • Outward Missing
    • Outward Scrap
    • Outward Free
  • Invoice
    • Purchase Invoice
    • Retail Invoice
    • Tax Invoice
  • Account
    • Contra
    • Journal Voucher
    • Credit Note
    • Debit Note
    • Payment
    • Receipt
  • Misc
    • Stock Transfer Outward
    • Stock Transfer Inward

Reports :
  • Quick Stock Reports
  • Stock Reports
  • Stock inward outward
  • Challan Analysis
  • Sales Invoice Analysis
  • Stock Transfer Analysis
  • Depo Wise Complete- Transaction Analysis Report
  • Fast Moving Product
  • Outstanding Ledger List
  • Daily Book
  • Daily Ledger Master
  • Monthly Ledger Master
  • Daily Group Voucher
  • Monthly Group Voucher
  • Daily Voucher
  • JV Count
  • Trail Balance
  • Stock Ledger
  • User Audit
  • Update Invoice Client Name
  • Master Form Report


Q. What type of accounting software you provide? Do you have any ready package available?
Ans. Virtual splat provides you completely customized web based software. And we do not provide any ready package we only offer you customized package.

Q. Can I export all my reports to excel?
Ans. Yes you can. In fact also provide a new and distinct feature Tally Data Migration. if you wish to transfer all your data from your old software to new once. We would help you out.

Q. What do you mean by customized accounting software?
Ans.  Customized accounting software means that you can get the software the way you want. You can tell us which reports you want, how you want to transact the vouchers and entries.

Q. Do you provide any trail version of you software?
Ans.  Yes. Soon we will be providing you with a demo version. Which will be free and online you can test it out. And justify your quires and doubts.

Q. After buying you accounting software what is the after sale service provided by your company?
Ans. Once you buy any of our products, we would train you completely and thoroughly. And still you have any doubts you can feel free to contact us at any time.

If you have any doubts and quires, please feel free to contact us at or call us 91+9892413501.


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