Simplify Cheque Printing / Writing Software with CTS-2010 format

Guidelines to use the cheque printing software (with CTS-2010 format).

Why write cheque with pen when you have software to print it. The question that you might possibly think of is, will I require any special printer for printing my cheques? Well, no. Will I be able to print thousands of cheques back to back? With our software, yes. You can print cheque on roll-back. Hand written cheques are history now. With technology in hand you can print neat, tidy and more sophisticated looking cheque.

This software will help you to print your cheque in your own customized format. Thus, you can fully customize your cheque book. You can also get a bank statement with your inward and outward transaction.

The software has very easy GUI which helps the user to learn it easily. It covers major part of your Bank. It supports bulk printing and works on all the printers from dot matrix, ink jet to laser printer.

The Cheque Printing software is specially created for the fast growing companies i.e User do not have to enter any data twice. This helps the user to work faster with less stress and more accuracy.

Download Cheque Printing or Writing Software by Virtual Splat

Key Features of New Cheque Printing Software 6.6:

Bank Reconciliation

No need to manually edit every entries is case of unclear or canceled cheques. Just select the file provided by the bank (Live excel file) and the software will automatically reconcile your entries.

Easy use of software even across Networks

On start of the Cheque Printing software it will provide a utility to create a DSN, through which the software can easily use on the Networks.

Details of the Payee

Cheque printing software helps you to keep track of your payees and the transactions made with them. Once you set the payee details, you can use it for all the transactions for that particular payee. So, you do not have to enter the details twice. This will save a lot of your precious time.

Details of the Banks

You can edit the details for particular bank like format of the cheque, printing and date settings. We have listed all the major banks in our software. However, you can easily add your bank if its not in the list. Each bank can have different cheque size or layout and different configuration.
Note: Format of the cheque is done in Millimeter.

Cancelled Cheque

This software helps you to keep track of your cancelled cheques. You can cancel the cheque from the software. The software will give details of cancelled cheque and it will skip cheque count for that particular cheque number.

Options in Cheque Printing Software

The various options in the Cheque Printing Software are as follows :

For Cheque -
Ø Name of the bank.
e.g. Bank of India, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, State bank of India, Union bank of India, Bank of baroda etc.
Ø Cheque height and cheque width. All the dimensions are in Millimeters.
Ø Cheque print format i.e landscape format or portrait.
Ø About the opening balance of the account.

For Payment -
Ø Name of the company to whom the Payment has to be made. You can make it in two lines.

For Amount -
Ø Write the payment amount is figures and it will automatically write in words for you.
Ø Details of the "barer".
Ø Amount in words. Even can make it in two lines.

For Currency-
Ø It supports all the currencies. You add your own currency as well.

Others -
Ø Details about the "For Title"
Ø Signature.
Ø Payee's A/C.
Ø Cheque date.
Ø Details about "Not Above Start."
Ø Option for " Non- negotiable. "

Details of the Payment
Company can keep record of the all the cheque transactions. Records like date, payment amount, payees name, cancellation details, if any.

Details of the Reports
User can print a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly reports about the bank transaction of the payee. User just has to provide the name of the bank, payee's name if he wants (or it will print all the payees), FROM and TO date & there is also an option of cheque reports, if checked (will print only cheque transaction) or it will print both cheque and cash transaction.

Note: Transaction will be of both Receipts & Payments.

Cheque Printing Software follows CTS 2010 cheque format

According to new guidelines provided by RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) all Indian banks should follow CTS-2010 cheque formats, and Virtual Splat has already taken care about this rule. You can now print your cheque in CTS-2010 without any worries.


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