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MLM Software logo by Virtual Splat.Multi Level Marketing ( MLM ) is an important component of the direct selling industry in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune. These plans typically promise that if you sign up as a distributor, you will receive commissions from both your sales of the plan's goods or services and those of other people you recruit to join the distributors.

MLM is short for Multi-Level Marketing, a hierarchical marketing system in which the goal of sales persons is not only to buy and sell the product in question, but also to recruit others to buy and sell the product in question, who will in turn recruit others...ad infinitum. Each sales person receives a portion of the entrance fee paid by his/her recruits, and a portion of the profits earned by all sales persons below him/her in the sales chain.This is also called as multilevel marketing, multi-level marketing, matrix marketing, network marketing etc.

We have developed MLM software (multi-level affiliate management) that can be used with any organization who are into MLM Business. It provides full-featured enterprise software and website systems to operating companies and get a Push start in the Business. Access the system from anywhere,anytime with an Internet connection.

MLM Pro is a software for Multi Level Marketing companies to manage their members, commissions, down-lines, inventory and purchase decisions.

MLM software has features to define companies and their products from whom the marketing company is doing business for MLM software facilitates to define user commission and generate commission reports is also available. Complete down-line can be seen in a tree view by our Online MLM software by the members. All users can have access in to a system and they can view / modify only their down-line. Every member will receive their own personalized self replicating web page, with a static of their plan, Down-line, Payment Status and Reminders.

The MLM Company administrator can view his Inventory, Members Status in a click. Administrator can also create Franchisee as far as possible.

Our Role:
  • To understand your need regarding software
  • To consult about merit & demerit of business plan
  • To suggest best ideas about Business/Party plan
  • To develop mlm software solution for company
  • To give the Best Support and Service

Multilevel marketing software solutions allow for vital MLM operational information to be shared via the Internet or the web. The web site owner has the ability to create new members and record transactions while assigning credit to the seller automatically.

MLM or multilevel marketing software describes the tools to manage and organize MLM accounts. Multilevel marketing plans usually promise to pay commissions through two or more levels of recruits, known as the distributor's "down-line."

Utility to be build up for client to gather the information of members. Facility to see each members down line details and their own details. MLM is a software for Multi Level Marketing companies to manage their members, commissions, down-lines, inventory and purchase decisions. Complete up-line and down-line can be seen in a tree view.

We have developed web based MLM ( multi-level marketing ) solution that can be used with any organization who are into chain based sales marketing. The system allows to define various levels in the company hierarchy. You can define if particular level can grow horizontally or vertically.

Features of Our Network Marketing MLM Software

MLM Calculation:
You can define n numbers of schemes working at a single time. Members can be added in their schemes, under a particular sponsor (if there), under a franchisee. The MLM Software will calculate the payment as per the scheme is defined.

Web-base MLM Software Reports:
Members and Franchisee can view their Down-line report, Payment Report, Purchase History, Referral History on the internet as any time.

Member and Accounts management:
Calculation of members payout, Members Laps, Members Expire and Member renewal can be done at a single click.

Here is the list of few MLM Clients which are in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Noida, Kolkata, Bangalore etc.

O3 Shopping Binary Income + Direct Income + Referral Income + Royalty + Award & Reward + ROI
Success Bits Bitcoin + Level Income + Direct Income
The Shaktiwell Ayurvedic    Binary plan
Jai Jwan Jai Kisan Foundation    Generation Plan
BTC Express Board Plan + Level Commision
Thrive Int Biggest Bitcoin Company in South Africa + Shopping cart
Score Book Level Commision
Bitcoin Life Binary + Direct Income
Mahakaali Group India's No.1 RD FD company
Aarambh Group RD FD Plan
ABC Parivar Binary Plan + Direct Income + Repurchase
Astral Worldwide Binary + Single Leg Income
Click-N-Pick Stair Step Plan + Shopping Cart
Click-N-Pick2 Binary Plan
Dimond Click Single Leg Plan + Level Wise
Dimond2 Click Bitcoin + Single Leg Plan + Level Wise
Innovative Lifescience Binary Plan + Generation
Jai Jwan Jai Kisan Foundation Generation Plan
Just Degree Generation Plan
Khushi Bazaar Binary + Spill + Royalty + Award & reward
Kush Gram Binary Plan
Life Care Binary Plan + Direct Income + Repurchase
Olviner Generation Plan
Pritimala Generation Plan
Sai Shrishti Binary Plan
Sandesha Sales Generation + Repurchase + Rank
Ceyone Multitraders Ltd RD & FD
The Fifth Element Rank wise commision
Dreamz 2 Life Binary Plan + Pair Deduction
My Avon Binary Plan + Pair Deduction
Other Corporate Clients for whom we have developed customize MLM software.
Emami India (One of the biggest cosmetic company in India Stairstep Breakaway Plan)
Wonder Chef (Sanjeev Kapoor - Khana Khazana, www.wonderchef.in ) (Stairstep Breakaway Plan)
Piaggio India Pvt. Ltd. (Italian Automobile company selling trucks in India by Level / Generation Plan)
IFB Industries Ltd. (India's biggest front load washing machine manufacturer is having Binary plan)
4xMoney (www.4xmoneybiz.com / www.my4xbiz.com Stairstep Breakaway Plan)



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