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Our MLM Software at Virualsplat is well-featured, secure and time-saving. Moreover, its on the web.

It features the following modules - MLM Scheme, Company Master, User Master, Member Master, Member tree, Sales, Receipt, Calculation, Payment. The software too has a very easy-to-refer help in English and Hindi.

The Company is authorized to allow its members to view, add, edit or delete. Its so can be done from the User Master. The Tree View can either be viewed in Horizontal Tree or in Vertical view. The software is well-featured, because most of the essential details are auto-generated or auto-assigned, like Member and Agent ID, Levels in Scheme, and if you have made a wrong entry, no hassle, just use the delete link.

Each module has a List and Detail View, to make work easy. The list view lists all the entries made in the Details View. Every field-bar can be clicked to arrange the items in ascending or descending order. The software is tested by our team of experts; so its bug-free and non-erroneous, unlike other softwares.

The Report Module is essential in any marketing or development software. The software has a separate Report generation module; so at the end of the day, you can view, monitor and print various reports from the MLM software. You can generate reports in fs (Excel Spreadsheet) format for Member Details, Receipt Details, Sales, Service Tax, TDS Tax, VAT Tax.

Fill the form below to try our MLM software free for 15 days. You will get a username and password free for 15 days, and you will get the full-fledged authorities to use the software. Once you fill the form, a username and password will automatically be sent to your e-mail address provided below, and you are ready and all set up to use the Free MLM software.

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