About Virtual Splat: Experts in Web Software and Mobile Apps

What does Virtual Splat do?

  1. We at Virtual Splat makes online web based (browser based) software and Mobile Apps. These software's can be for inventory management or financial accounting or ERP.

The Founding of Virtual Splat: A Journey of Innovation

  1. Virtual Splat was established in 2002. The company was registered under service tax and was transformed as Private Limited under Indian Government companies act in 2007. Vipul Parekh and Hardik Parekh are running this company and were also founder of Virtual Splat. Currently, Virtual Splat is having 28 dedicated staff for software development job.

What Sets Virtual Splat Apart from other software companies

  1. The list below will answer this:
    • Best crm development company in Mumbai
    • In the current scenario where everyone is doing everything in IT, we have focused on single technology and industry vertical.
    • As we are only making web based, we have a superior strength in application development.
    • The biggest strength is our framework "Kaizen" which gives us speed, stability and flexibility for development. All our applications are built in "Kaizen".
    • Our ability to understand the problem in any business and give solution is quick and accurate (feel free to talk to our clients about how we bring a revolution in their business).
    • We can do faster (and LIVE) updates in existing system because of "Kaizen". This avoids downtime.
    • Protocols and Bureaucracy is the thing we hate at Virtual Splat. Support should be quick and satisfactory. We are always available on phone, email, chat.

Web-Based Software vs. Desktop Software: What Makes Them Different?

  1. Simply compare a Mobile and a fix landline Phone. The biggest benefit you get on web is the freedom. Here are few points which will clear the dust.
    • No need to install any software. You just need a browser and thats it.
    • No specific hardware required.
    • Use the software from anywhere any time.
    • Software works on PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile or any device which has a browser.
    • You can see LIVE reports from anywhere in the world.
    • Instant support from our end.
    The list is endless, if you wanted to know more, feel free to call at +91-9892413501.

Whole world makes Mobile Apps, what new with Virtual Splat?

  1. The concept to work with framework is implemented here also.
    No need to re-install app after any level of modifications.
    Light weight.
    Live updates.
    Faster development.

Software Reselling and Customization

  1. Both. If the requirement matches with our existing software then, we resell. If not then, we customize the software. The level of customization can be from 5% to 100%.

Pricing Models for Custom Software

  1. Before jumping into commercials, we study the requirement thoroughly. This is done by personal meetings (or skype). Once we understand the job, then we can give a fix cost for the development. In some cases where clients are not clear about their requirements or they need constant updates/development, then we charge on monthly basis.

Industries Served by Virtual Splat

  1. Any. You can be a manufacturer who needs to maintain the production flow in factory, or a trader who wanted to streamline demand and supply. We also serve service industry for CRM, MIS, Accounting or ERP.

    To be more precise, here is the list of industries we are serving:
    • Trusteeship Company.
    • Mineral Water Manufacturer.
    • NGO Foundation.
    • Inverter and Battery Industry.
    • Plywood Industry.
    • Hotels and Resorts.
    • Kitchen Appliances Distribution.
    • Isolate / Whey Protein Importer.
    • Gold Coin Distributors.
    • Switch Manufacturers.
    • Cardboard Distributors.
    • Plastic Insulated Manufacturers.
    • Brass Handle Manufacturer.
    • Kiosk Machine Manufacturer.
    • Electric Components Distributors.
    • Garment Manufacturer and Exporter.
    • Chemical Importer.
    • Valve Manufacturer and Exporter.
    • Soft Home Furnishings Manufacturers & Exporters.
    • Cell Phone Distributors.
    • Cap Sealing and Welding Machine Manufacturer.
    • Filling Machine Manufacturers.
    • Iron Sponge Manufacturer.
    • Marine Service and Trading Company.
    • Bullion Market.
    • Water Purifier Manufacturer.
    • Network Marketing Companies.
    • Films Promotions and Marketing Company.
    • Computer Hardware Dealers and Retailers.
    • Glass Door Hardware Fitting and Plastic Bearings.
    • Courier and Cargo Company
    • Equity Market Consultant
    • Jewellery Retailer.
    • Car Accessories Retailer.
    • Olive Oil Importer / Distributors.
    • Science and Diagnostic Product Distributors.
    • Stationary Manufacturer.
    • Fabric Distributors.
    • FMCG Retailer (Super Market).
    • Pickle and Spices Manufacturer and Exporter.
    • Ad Agency.
    • College.
    • Construction Company.
    • Iron and Steel Manufacturer.
    • Gift Articles Manufacturer.
    • Marketing Company.
    • Ball Bearing Distributor.
    • Charitable Trust.
    • Research Company.
    • Logistics And Warehousing.
    • Pumps and Values Manufacturer.
    • Electricity Distributor.
    • Aluminum Conductor Manufacturer.
    • Cosmetics, Beauty and Personal Care Manufacturer.
    • Die Cast Lubricants, Forging Lubricants & Hydraulic Fluids Manufacturer.
    • Vastu Consultant.
    • Garment & Fashion Retailers
    • Furniture Importer and Retailer.
    • Stationary & Gift Retailer
    • Waste Management
    • Electronics Retailer
    • Mattress Manufacturers
    • Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research
    • Paper Mill & Books Manufacturer
    • Paper Trader
    • Printer
    • Jewellery Manufacturer

Checkout the solutions provided to clients in different industries.

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