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The Best feature of Virtual Splat's Time Managed Payroll Software for your business, is that it has given the formulas of all the Salary Calculations, which is not only helpful for the payroll processor, but also helpful to the new user, he gets to know what Payroll software's, calculation is about, how an employee's salary is calculated in your business.

Every employee's salary will be considered on the leaves & half days taken. Not only this, Late Coming, Early Going will be also considered. Employee's Total Overtime details, comparing to the absentees & then overtime done will be considered accordingly.

When there are so many employees in a company, every minute is considered because minutes is not calculated with few of the employees, therefore the time difference also varies largely & the employees output comes less, which ultimately makes a loss to the your business.

Virtual Splat's Time Managed Payroll Software, provides Time Management Module where in you can store all the records required (as given below). All the employees, Time schedule once stored in this module will be calculated at the time of the "Employees Payment".

Pay employees based on employee setup (fastest method) or enter time directly into the system. Choose between "quick" or detail entry options or copy from previous pay period. Or, import time transactions from time clock/time entry software.

    Virtual Splat's Time Managed Payroll Software, Functions on:
  • Automatically calculates taxes, prints quarterly tax reports.
  • Tracks employee time on different projects.
  • Tracks and records vacation/sick days and calculates overtime.
  • Handles up to 3 different types of leave.
  • Enter after-the-fact checks.
  • Print multiple checks for one employee (in the same pay period) using separate pay runs.
  • Use Void Checks if you make a mistake.
  • Print liability checks, paying taxes, insurance, etc.
  • Quickly change from one year to another

    Time Management Module
  • Employee Shift & Shift rotation with respect to shift cycle.
  • Employee time management, Late Coming, Early going, Absence due to travel on Duty etc.
  • Attendance data can be transfer from any Time Recording Machine.
  • Overtime Details.
  • Manual Attendance done By Employee details
  • Leave & Attendance
  • Employee Leave Application
  • Employee Leave Approval
  • Leave Balance
  • Late Coming
  • Late Sitting
  • Early Going
  • Compensate Off Details
  • C-Off Balance Details
  • Shift Details
  • Employee Current Shift
  • Over Time Details
  • Employee Total Over Time Hours
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Daily Absent Report

    Monthly Attendance Module
  • For each leave type
  • Leave for the year
  • Encashed
  • Month-wise of leave taken
  • Total Leave,Month-wise
  • Leave Utilizes and Balance Leave

The actual process of the salary calculation of the employee is given below.
Basic salary (based on Skill & Zone)
Earned salary (Basic Salary + no. of days present + Dearness Allowance)
Gross Salary (Earned Salary + Increments & Allowances)
Total Deduction (the taxes, loans, advances, P.F, E.S.I.C, T.D.S, etc.)
Take Home Salary (after the allowances added to the Earned salary & deduction made on the Gross salary made, is the actual Take Home Salary of the employee.

Virtual Splat's Time Managed Payroll Software, provides Salary Processing/ Re-Processing Module

Salary Processing/ Re-Processing Module
One Time Processing of the current month Multiple Reprocessing for-

  • Entire Payroll / Selected Employees
  • Selected Branch / Department / Grade


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