Payroll Software

Virtual Splat's Payroll Software is Windows based, Easy, Interactive designed program.

Business Payroll Software is developed to calculate employee's accounts, payments & maintains the employee's registers.

As you know, for year's salary calculations of the employees in your business, it has become very difficult in industries & big companies. The employer has to look upon on employee's salary, which depends on its Zone, Skill, & the field where he comes from. Apart from this he also has to look upon on all the taxes levied, accordingly deductions to be made, as per the government's rule in any business.

All these calculations & accounting, doing manually have been hectic for years, above all the calculation is made on the number of days, the employee is present. All this is a long process it consumes lots of time, you have to also be accurate, a minor mistake can be a big loss to your business.

Either you take so many days just for the calculation of the salaries of so many employees in your business or you go to a company, who deals for you this calculation. But then it does not become economic to your business, as you have to accordingly pay commissions to these companies, as per their charges.

Virtual Splat has come with the ideal solution to this problem with a software, which accounts & manages your business on your finger tips.

The process of the salary calculation and attendance markup of the employee is easy to understand and use. We divide and give you various option for the various standard of the employee, to how an employee's salary from "Basic Salary" to the "Take Home Salary" is calculated.

This payroll processing software will improve your payroll process, saving your time and money. It will provide your business with real-time access to accurate and up-to-date information 24 hours a then Payroll data can be entered at remote locations making your payroll processing software more efficient, streamlined and accurate.

We increase productivity and efficiency to provide access to Domestic and International Market. We lead to overall cost reduction and better financial Management to help companies reach new Markets.

We understand your business requirements and have a proven track record of over 600 successful HR management services implementations. We call our system Customer Care because we are committed to a positive and mutually rewarding experience with our clients. Our implementation process delivers the maximum benefit to you in real time.

Efficient and sophisticated payroll software with multiple functions designed for quick and easy processing for one, or even hundreds, of companies.

Employee's Salary calculation process is given below:-
Basic salary (Based on Skill & Zone)
Earned salary (Basic Salary + no. of days present + Dearness Allowance)
Gross Salary (Earned Salary + Increments & Allowances)
Total Deduction (The Taxes, loans, Advances, P.F, E.S.I.C, T.D.S, etc.)
Take Home Salary (After the allowances added to the Earned salary & deduction made on them)

Gross salary, will be the actual "Take Home Salary" of the employee.

Payroll software allows organization to generate pay slips and salary register, based on the attendance of the employees taking care of leaves, overtime, allowances, loans and other standard deductions like P.F, E.S.I.C, Professional Tax, Income Tax etc. You just have to assign the employee a salary structure and you are ready to generate and manage payroll processes with respect to that employee.

The calculations will become easier with the Payroll Software, but again making the payments of so many employees manually is a time consuming process. Thereby Virtual Splat has come up with a solution by integrating its "Cheque Printing" software with Payroll, which helps you to make the payment of an unlimited number of employees, just at the click of the button.

Payroll Software is a powerful stand-alone system designed for ease of use and comprehensive employee pay processing and reporting.

Payroll is designed as a long-term solution to your changing business needs. It is suitable for anything from one to many thousands of active employees and adapts easily to fluctuations in staffing levels. With optional networking, up to twenty users and if required more can view and update your payroll system simultaneously. It would be web-based or online payroll as per your requirement.

Extremely versatile and reliable, Virtual Splat's Payroll software is excellent for businesses and agricultural operations with 5 or 500 employees, as well as service providers handling multiple payrolls.

Virtual Splat's Payroll also enables you to track and review all types and periods of staff absence. You can report on any combination of employee and absence type, including 'sickness', 'holiday' and 'unauthorized'. When considering applications for holiday, scheduling training or authorizing other types of absence, use the inbuilt planner to help maximize your resources.

  • Handles many Employee's salary calculations & Service providers handling multiple "Payrolls".
  • Analyzing & Auditing forms of all the modules provided, at the click of the button.
  • An option of daily / monthly posting, & also all these forms are created altered & displayed on your fingertips.
  • Tracks the record of each Employee's details.
  • Tracks employee time on different projects.
  • Tracks and records vacation/sick days and calculates overtime.
  • Handles many different types of leave.
  • Taxes, Increments and Deductions already set up in the "Salary Setting module" provided on all the fields like Bonus Exgratia, Labour Welfare Fund, Esic, Provident Fund. Modifies to fit your operation or create new ones as & when required.
  • Auto calculates each Employee's salaries on the basis of their attendance.
  • Auto calculates each Employee's salaries on the basis of their increments on the basic salaries.
  • Auto calculates each Employee's salaries on the deductions of the taxes applied.
  • Easy to manage and the calculation are visible and simple to understand.
  • Tracks employer-paid benefits.
  • Processes Employee's pay for multiple businesses.
  • Processes Employee's Payment, according to the days, month or the year required.
  • Formulas for each fields calculations are described.
  • Use Void Checks if you make a mistake.
  • Generates payslips of each employee.
  • Auto calculates & prints reports on PF Registers, PF Monthly Challans, PF Form 3 A Revised, PF Form 6A Revised, & PF Reconciliation.
  • Auto calculates & prints reports on Esic Monthly Challan, Esic Monthly Register 32, Form 6 (Regulation 26).
  • Print multiple cheque for one employee (in the same pay period) using separate pay runs.
  • Moreover "Cheque printing" software integrated, to print multiple cheque's of all the Employee's all together.
  • Also Images have been displayed to get clear details in each modules provided in the Payroll software.

  • Complete, Accurate Employee Information
  • Comprehensive, Robust Benefits Administration
  • Gain Greater Control of Your Payroll Processing
  • Streamlining Your Recruiting Practices
  • Give Employees Access to Personal Information
  • Effectively Track and Monitor Events
  • Flexible, Standard Reporting

Below listed modules will be the step by step accessible managed & controlled program:

Time Management Module
Monthly Attendance Module

Income Tax
Computation of Income
Auto Calculation
Detail More Features of income tax software

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