Payroll Management Software

Virtual Splat's Payroll Accounting Software is Windows based, Easy, Interactive designed program.

The actual process of the salary calculation of the employee is given below.
Basic salary (based on Skill & Zone)
Earned salary (= Basic Salary + no. of days present + Dearness Allowance)
Gross Salary (=Earned Salary + Increments & Allowances)
Total Deduction (=the taxes, loans, advances, P.F, E.S.I.C, T.D.S, etc.)
Take Home Salary (=after the allowances added to the Earned salary & deduction made on the Gross salary made, is the actual Take Home Salary of the employee)

Basically, business Payroll Accounting Software is developed to calculate employee's accounts, payments, & maintain the employee's registers.

As you know, for year's salary calculations of the employees, in your business, have become very difficult, in industries & big companies. The employer has to look upon on employee's salary, which is depended on its Zone, Skill, & the field he comes from. Apart from this he also has to look upon on all the taxes levied, accordingly deductions to be made, as per the government's rule in any business. All these calculations, accounting, doing manually have been hectic for years, above all the calculation is made on the number of days, the employee is present. All this is a long process; it consumes lots of time, you have to also be accurate, a minor mistake can be a big loss to your business.

Either you take so many days just for the calculation of the salaries of so many employees in your business, or you go to a company, who deals for you, this calculation. But then it does not become economic to your business, as you have to accordingly pay commissions to these companies, as per their charges. Daily all the business men in big industrialists & big companies, all over the world are facing these problems.

Virtual Splat has come with the ideal solution to this problem with a software, which accounts & manages your business on your finger tips.

Payroll Accounting Software, in your business, allows origination's to generate pay slips and salary register based on the attendance of the employees taking care of leaves, overtime, allowances, loans and other standard deductions like P.F, E.S.I.C, Professional Tax, Income Tax etc. Just assign the employee a salary structure and you are ready to generate and manage payroll processes with respect to that employee. Also, Virtual Splat's Payroll Accounting Software, provides the end user to have the flexibility to create his own salary structures and salary formulae in its business.

Virtual Splat's, Payroll Accounting Software, is set to remove, hardships of maintaining the Payroll salary calculation of the employee, which you been handling the books manually for years & which is a long time process. This control program is automotive quick book maintenance software. With this management Payroll software, you will improve the business practice.

To sustain your current leadership status, in this competitive field, is not easy.

With Virtual Splat it will " Now " become, just on the click of the buttons, and be totally burden free, with its best feature is that it consumes very less time & the whole process is controlled on your finger tips. Virtual Splat Accounting Software have designed this program, as per your requirement therefore it is a complete controlled program. Virtual Splat account manager keeps your accounts up-to-date without any effort.

Payroll is based on these modules:-

  • Employee Profile
  • Leave Management
  • Time Management
  • Employee Transfer, Promotions & Increment Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Salary Heads Details
  • Monthly Salary Register
  • Salary Statement
  • Salary Cash Statement
  • Salary Cheque Statement
  • Salary Slip
  • Reports
  • Government of India Taxation Forms

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