Professional Tax Software

Virtual Splat's Payroll Tax Software, is Windows based, Easy, Interactive designed program.

The actual process of the salary calculation of the employee is given below.
Basic salary (based on Skill & Zone)
Earned salary (Basic Salary + no. of days present + Dearness Allowance)
Gross Salary (Earned Salary + Increments & Allowances)
Total Deduction (the taxes, loans, advances, P.F, E.S.I.C, T.D.S, etc.)
Take Home Salary (after the allowances added to the Earned salary & deduction made on the Gross salary made, is the actual Take Home Salary of the employee)

Get your tax saved by our unique Tax Saving Software.

Virtual Splat's Payroll Tax Software, has the tax software you need, whether you are completing your personal tax return or preparing one for a company.

Ensuring that users increase productivity in compliance processing and proactively manage deadlines.

The modular design enables the software to be tailored to specific practice needs ~ whilst the integral data entry option enables users to choose from intuitive data entry screens or to complete the Tax Return itself on-screen.

Virtual Splat's Payroll Tax Software, brings you a selection of the latest Tax Software for users operating at all ends of the accounting spectrum. Whether you are a home user who wants to make life simpler or a fully certified Professional looking for corporate management capabilities, our tax software is here to take the burden off your shoulders.

Work in a network environment with multiple users. Automatic calculation based on user input.Auto update facility to accommodate any changes from time to time.

Reduce financial risk and regulatory liability with the only system that integrates jurisdictional boundaries with the street addresses of your customer or employee records.

Professional Tax is designed to maximize your productivity because the design follows the natural flow of the tax return and streamlines your most critical work. The flexible tab navigation allows you to work the way you want to work enabling efficient data entry and a rapid review process.

Professional Tax Preparation Software is created to give the professional tax prepare a means to do his work quickly and efficiently.

We are dedicated to providing the best service and resolution available to you as a client whether you are an individual taxpayer, small business owner or a corporation. We provide the complete solutions to client in the areas of paying professional tax.

If you have any queries relating to professional tax, we can take the professional features, ease of use, and quality technical support you can rely on year after year.Provide the excellent guidance for the same. Professional tax preparation is designed to have your taxes done as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Virtual Splat's Payroll Tax Software, will help you prepare your own tax returns and simplify matters considerably, particularly if you are self employed and like to keep firm control over your accounts.

If you have any doubts and quires and for further details please feel free to contact us at


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