Payroll Tax Software

Income Tax includes:
Tax Primer
Budget 2004
Heads of Income
House Property
Income from Business & Profession
Capital Gains
Other Sources
Deductions and Rebate
Tax Free Incomes(Exemptions)
Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA)
Penalties under Income Tax Act
Non-Residents & Taxation in India
Permanent Account Number(PAN)

  • Additional Income
    Incentive, Reimbursement of HDFC Interest, Gratuity, Other Income
  • Exemptions
    HRA, Conveyance, Education, Medical, LTA, Leave Encashment
  • Perquisites
    Accommodation, Car, Domestic Help, Interest on Loan etc.
  • Deductions
    u/s 88, u/s 80, u/s 89.

    Calculation of Income Tax [TDS]
    All the parameters affecting the IT calculations have been considered
  • Income
  • Exemptions [HRA, conveyance, Education, Medical, LTA etc.]
  • Perquisites and deductions under section 88 / 80, etc.

    The computation of Income Tax
  • Including projections
  • With a facility to either spread out the balance Income Tax over the remaining months
  • Or fully tax the actual earned income up to the current month during the current month.

    Including differential interest [10% / 13%] on Loan.
    The Income Tax related outputs include
  • IT Computation
  • Form 16
  • Form 12BA
  • Form 24 / Form 24 Quarterly.

Income Tax (IT) Computation Statement
Option to update the Employee Master for Computed Income Tax Amount
Form 16 / 12 BA
Form 24 / Form 24 Quarterly
IT Challan Details

    PF Related
  • PF Report
  • Form No.3 - A
  • Form No.6 - A
  • Form No.12 – A
  • Form No.9
  • Form No.7
  • Form No.8

Professional Tax Statement
ESIC Statement
Form 217 – 2A

e-TDS return is prepared in electronic form in accordance with the prescribed data structure (file format). e-TDS return is furnished in a CD/floppy along with duly filled and signed Form 27A in physical form.
As per Section 206 of Income Tax Act, 1961, with effect from June 1 2003, all corporate deductors are compulsorily required to furnish their TDS return on electronic media (i.e. e-TDS returns). However, deductors, other than corporates, can furnish either in physical or in electronic form.

Excise Duty is an indirect tax, levied by the State on the manufacture of the commodity. The essential features of an Excise duty can be outlined as follows:
It must be a duty on the goods;
The goods must be excisable;
The goods must be manufactured or produced;
The manufacture or production has to be within India.

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