Active Server Pages

In our ASP tutorial you will learn about ASP, and how to execute scripts on your server. You will see that ASP is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.

  Visual Basic

A Windows programming language often used to develop applications which run on PCs and LANs / WANs because it offers a good balance of ease of use, wide range of features and extendability.


Website Designing

  After you have studied our Web Building Tutorial, you will know how to build a professional web site.

You will also know how to prepare yourself for the future, and how to use new technologies like XHTML and XML.

Search Engine Optimization

This free SEO tutorial is my effort to fully address the growing demand for free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) information. We have created my free seo tutorial to be a simple yet comprehensive tutorial dedicated to the explanation and implementation of search engine optimization techniques (SEO) as well as harnessing the power of the elusive Google Pageran.


Adobe Photoshop is considered by many web developers and graphic designers (myself included) to be essentially the be-all-end-all tool when it comes to creating and editing 2D graphics and photos. If you're new to Photoshop, don't be fooled by its name - it's capable of far more than simply editing or repairing photographs. With practice and a bit of imagination, there's no limit to the imagery you can create with Photoshop.


SQL (Structured Query Language)

Structured Query Language. A specialized programming language for sending queries to databases. Most industrial-strength and many smaller database applications can be addressed using SQL. Each specific application will have its own version of SQL implementing features unique to that application, but all SQL-capable databases support a common subset of SQL.

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