Search Engine OptimizationAfter a long-term research, we at Virtual Splat have established a vital knowledge of optimization in search engines. We have achieve top ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Rediff etc. in various fields of Software, games, promotion CD etc. Now our aim is to achieve a keen position in search engine submission across the web. To be listed on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Rediff requires a certain quality to be maintained in the site which Virtual Splat has enriched.

Search engines have formed a way of advertisement for all websites, since surveys has found search engines to be used all over the globe for information and surfing. Hence optimization in major search engines has been the key goal for all companies on the web. And companies in highest Page Rankers in major search engines have benefited by this. Search engine submission has played a crucial role in changing the whole outlook of the web and surfing for the users. Ever since there have been search engines, there have been techniques that unscrupulous webmasters and shady search engine optimization company have used to artificially boost rankings. As search engines caught on to these techniques, they devised ways to detect them without having someone physically look at each site (a practical impossibility, considering that several individual engines now index well over a billion pages). While most engines are becoming more adept at detecting "spam" pages and penalizing or removing them, there is an unfortunate side effect to this efficiency- some companies that are innocent of intentional wrongdoing unknowingly have sites that fall into the "spam" category. What follows is a list of some of the issues that can hurt such sites, followed by suggestions of how to prevent penalization or removal.

Many companies guarantee to have the first position on the search engines by "spamming" i.e. using various tricks to do so. But sometimes the search engines penalize such malpractice by back listing of your site or by permanent exclusion from their lists. But Virtual Splat ensures your top listing without any loss of your web existence and without any use of malpractice. Virtual Splat provides useful services for website owners, from writing copy to giving advice on site architecture and helping to find relevant directories to which a site can be submitted. However, there are a few unethical companies who have given the industry a black eye through their overly aggressive marketing efforts and their attempts to unfairly manipulate search engine results.

Search Engine submission has been the most powerful and the most authentic way to increase web popularity. Search engines are becoming increasingly cognizant of the techniques used to try to fool them, and they are also becoming better at detecting and removing pages that violate their terms of service. It's important to remember that search engines make decisions on how to rank pages based upon extensive studies of their users and their preferences, and any webmaster or optimization firm that claims to know better (and subsequently uses underhanded techniques) is doing a disservice to their client. Unfortunately, however, sometimes the Spam detection methods that the engines use target good sites that inadvertently meet the criteria for removal or penalization. By paying attention to the four issues above, you can help ensure that your site isn't one of them.

A pay-for-inclusion program simply involves paying to get your Web page listed within a search engine's database. It is important to know, pay-for-inclusion programs do not guarantee results - as they do not guarantee prominent rankings. You still need proper optimization of your Web pages in order to achieve high rankings. By choosing a pay-for-inclusion program, you're paying for an opportunity to gain a top spot. But without an SEO strategy, it's just a lottery ticket - a chance. You haven't done anything to improve your odds.

We understand that search engine optimization is not about technology, it's about marketing. Search engine optimization is a process, NOT a one-time project. Top rankings across any of the major search properties can change overnight. Just because a site gains top rankings in various search properties today doesn't mean the site manager can count on those same rankings next month, or next week for that matter. Rankings rise and fall depending on myriad external events. Every search property adjusts its algorithm, adds new Web sites to its index, or otherwise changes the way in which it displays search results. As such, your professional services firm must respond to, and address each change to ensure your site's continued visibility to keep your company name, products and services in the path of your most highly qualified prospects.

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