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Virtual Splat designs website layout for various categories such as Professional layouts, Sports Layouts, Garment Layout. Screening our five years of experience, we are one of the best designers in designing layouts.

A web template is a pre-designed page that helps you design your website. All you need to so is simply add your text and images to create your own unique site.

To start a new website is a bit frightening task. And we at virtual splat are here to help you out by providing plenty of free templates and layouts. So that you're empty screen gets an outstanding as well as professional look.

Virtual splats web templates / layouts are ready and easy to access.
All the website templates and layouts at virtual splat are free, ready-to-use, 100% customizable and can be easily downloaded.

Virtual splat is hear to design business templates and layouts that suits your business. Our Professional designers design templates and layouts according to your needs and convenient.

Virtual splat provides free web page templates and layouts, which are attractive as well as highly professional and can be used free. Whether you don't know or know how to design a web page our templates are the best solution for you. All the templates and layouts are designed in such a manner that every one can easily use it.

Virtual splat is known for delivering best quality products and services to the customer. Our mission is to guide and provide services to the beginners as well as the advance web masters.


  • Free and easy to use for any purpose without any limitation or obligation.
  • Use of any html editor.
  • E-commerce version available.
  • FrontPages templates available in multipackage.
  • Easy to use and can easily redesign.
  • We provide a package of 100 templates or layouts at inexpensive charges.
  • Can even order for your own selective and more specific design templates and layouts
  • Provides highly professional, qualitative & quantitative web design templates.
  • Easy to download and purchase website templates
  • Virtual splat provides 100% customizable and unique flexible website templates component
  • Our website templates and layouts are well designed and can be used and adjustable with different browsers.

  • More cost effective than custom design work .
  • Easily editable using Front Page and Photoshop.
  • Available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD after payment

Virtual Splat is a resource for finding top quality free web templates and more. Along with links to free web templates, pro web templates, templates, templates, and animated templates you can also download top quality free web templates provided by professionals in the design industry.

Types of templates provided by virtual splat


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