Website Development Services

We design all of our sites to be focused on efficiency with the following concepts in mind

1. Informative and clear content
2. Aesthetically pleasing and user friendly design
3. Fast, reliable, affordable cross-browser and platform performance
4. Search engine placement effectiveness

Some of our Customize Developed and Designed sites are shown below :-
This website is meant for online shopping. If you see there are different categories of products. So on clicking on a particular category a list of products will get populated. So you just have to add the products to the shopping cart and just make the payment the product will get delivered to your door steps.
This website is very appealing visually. However, the logic set for it is very complex as the website is very dynamic. The user or the visitor can select the currency as per they want and the rate of all the products will get updated as per that currency. All the products in this website are pided in their respective categories. There is also an advanced search bar given which gives the most precise search results.
This website is basically an online directory which brings all the categories of business together. Here the businessman has to just fill up a simple registration form and he automatically becomes a part of this dynamic website. Now, the beauty of this system is that the admin has been povided with the feature of adding or deletind a category of business. So if the user feels that his business is not mentioned in the category list then all he has to do is that contact the admin from the contact page. So, if any local resident searches for your category then your business name will automatically get populated in front of him.
This website is more of a shopping center online. Here you can get all the beauty & health produts, home, tools, & appliances, Consumer electronics, Computers & accessories, fashion jewellery, casual T-shirts, mobile accessories and much more. You just have to get registered to thin website and then you can get started.
This website is based on the knowledgable animations for small children. There are 2 ways of purchasing the animations i.e. just pay for the animation you want to download or you can buy the hourly package. All the animations in this website are pided in 4 subjects Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Body System for better search results. There are many sub directories as well for better filteration.
This website is like an online medical center. Here you can select any medicine you require and then you can add it to the cart and purchase it after logging in.
This is a community website which is built for the all asian balti restaurants based in Birmingham, UK. It is basically an association of all the asian balti restaurants where they come together and get registered. We have provided features like advanced search bar for for getting information regarding the concept, even a supplier can get registered to website as all the restaurants require stuff like food material, furniture,liqour etc. All the restaurants are in this website are filtered in alphabetic order for better search and information, this website is organised in a very systematic manner but visually it looks very simple and easy to operate. We have enetred all the information about ABRA in the home page, so that, any one who enteres this website can first understand the purpore of this wesite. To login you have to fillin the registration details and then you be a part of this massive website. We have also given a feature in which, you can upload images of your restaurants not only that but also the menu, if required.
This is a website built for gaming. In here you have to get registered and then you can start playing. This game can also be played throught the internet i.e. you and your can compete with each other. This game was made in 3D flash, which is very rare, if you observe carefully the look and feel of the car is 3D that means you will get a perfect car view as per the turns you take.
This website is built in very smart way. It is made by some real top class programming by our expertise. In this website you can experience the thrill of the game as here you can actually play the game without downloading any file nor getting registered. Just enter the website and play. During the process of this project we came accross many challenges like when a player hits the ball then what will be the calculation and on what algorithm will the ball get swing as when, it is in the air. So we did the complete analysis of these problems or queries and eventually completed the job up to the mark.
This website us used to get the latest updates about the upcoming movies, current running movies and the old ones. This website is simple and sober but it does give all the accurate information to the user about the movie updates. We have provided with an advanced search bar in this system.
This website is completely animated. It is basically made for the children who are fond of the of the cartoon programs showed in Hungama. So this website basically shows the time table of all the programs time and date wise. This web site has has some real exciting animation that surprise you when you are going through the site. In short, Virtual Splat made this website so that the kids can fun in it and get accurate information about their TV shows.
Every one knows that Rand De Basanti had such a mammoth star cast like Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, Soha Ali Khan, R Madhavan, etc. with the banner of UTV motion pictures. So there was no way that we could take this project even a little lightly, we had a complete professional focus over it and made the website in such a manner that when you observe it you will feel that every thing in the website is happening for it self. The look and feel of the website is very fancy and jazzy but the logic set for this site is very complex because the biggest challenge we faced was the programming part because since this is a youth-oriented website, it had to be more attractive and cool. It was not the usual programming that is used for making corporate websites. But, as they say that "the show must go on" we completed the the website in the given span of time and it turned out to be very impressive.
This is a B2C website, since it is a dynamic website it is very complex but visually it is so appealing that all visitors can use it effectively. Now, What is a good website? It is basically a bunch of informative pages displayed in such a manner, that anybody who visits it must find it very easy to operate and next time when that user or visitor, needs any information related to that content, he should first visit our website and get the precise information he is looking for. Virtual Splat understands all these concepts and delivers the best quality of content because we know the importance of web marketing. This website is basically consists a list of all the products like vases, garden accessories, clocks, glassware, platters, fire place accessories. Now each of the product is defined in its specific category. e.g. cup and saucers, dinnerware, teapot sets, coffee mugs, bar accessories, tealight/votive holders, office accessories etc. Now, the beauty of this system is that a user or a visitor can even make online purchase for any product you want just by a click and entering a few necessary details. Here the user can get logged in and he can make a wish list, which means that he can enter the product that he desires some one to gift him on any special occasion like bithday, anniversery, thanksgiving, 4th July you can even create your own events inthis system., it is an informative website which has been created by Virtual Splat. It is a dynamic website which keeps its users or visitors updated with the latest movie reviews. However, it is only linked with the movies that are related to sony pictures. Being dynamic this website makes it very easy for the users or visitors to explore and get updates about the fourth coming movies, latest releases and even the older ones.
This is one of the best work done by Virtual Splat. Since, this website works in the B2C concept, it covers each and every aspect of all the jewels i.e., from pearl to platinum. Very few software companies are able to make these kind of websites because, the logic set in these kind of sites is really very complex. However, Virtual Splat is a master in understanding these complex logics and implementing them because, we take every project as a new challenge and make sure that we over come it in the given span of time with the best quality work. During the process of this website we had come accross many questions and queries. That is why, we first understood the concept of these stones inside out. We understood the calculation of metal, purity, stone, shape, weight, clarity, color, etc and made it so easy for the user or visitor that he could play with these calculations and get the precise information required. We have pided each and every product in a specific category for better search results and better inventory maintainence. For rings we have created categories like Engagement rings, Eternity rings, Designer rings, Wedding rings. Similarly we made categories of Earings, Pendants, Bracelets, Chains and Necklaces, Exclusive Men's Jewelery, Loose Diamonds, Other Accessories, etc. Then, we also pided these stones as per their color, shape, weight, purity, clarity, etc and bifurcated them in such a manner that the user or visitor gets a best search results throught the advanced search bar provided by us. Since Virtual Splat has made this website dynamic, there is an advanced feature of online shopping. Now, the beauty of this system is that a user or a visitor can do shopping irrestpective of being concerned about the currency exchange or conversion rate, thats because we have provided with a special feature that helps you show the product's price as per the currency, user or visitor wish. You can also make payment online by any credit card and the product will get delivered to your door steps., which is the known as the biggest website in bollywood, is created by Virtual Splat. Virtual Splat is having a team of professionals, who are very well experienced and knowledgable. We created such amazing functionalities in this website, that it became really very easy for all the visitors to operate it. During the process of this website Virtual Splat did immense research and analysis so that even the smallest of errors could be neglected and each and every information in the site could be precisely discripted and displayed. The navigation has been done so perfectly worked out, that any visitor, while surfing, will nerver get lost in the website. Virtual Splat always puts in the best of efforts to get the best and the most accurate output for its clients. We make sure that whatever project we get in whichever time of the year, we complete it in the given time and with the best services.
Dhyansanjivani is a Tantric and Spiritual Website, with Online Matchmaker Software and Features Online Puja. The Online tantric forums, Kundali Making Software and Games. Because there are many elements that must be featured on each page, we decided that the actual web design had to be minimalist, to avoid a sense of clutter or confusion. It had to be clean and airy, with a structure made content easy to navigate. Website Content Development by Virtual Splat
This webite has been designed for the firm Kivi Coatings which specializes in Rubber Stamps of export quality all over the world. They realized the the promotion of their company all over the globe by website development. The uniqueness of this website project was that in spite of that fact that all exchange of ideas was handled through correspondence and yet the team of Virtual Splat was able to deliver the product as per the conceptualizations of the client. Today the website developed by Kivicoatings has turned into a medium of communication between the firm and their worldwide clientele. Website Development Company - Virtual Splat
Designed, Developed & Implemented a website for Computespectra. The firm is a major player in the market for Printing such as Colour, Printing Software etc. The site gets updates as and when the company launches any new Issue thus continuously breathing life into the website.
Database Driven WebSite Development and Designing by is an Online Matremonial Website Developed by Virtual Splat, where members can login and can add/update their profile and Includes an Advanced Search Engine to search for particular criteria. Members can even add/delete Images.
Database Driven WebSite Development and Designing by Virtual Splat
Developers VirtualSplat Designed, Developed & Implemented a website for Computespectra. The firm is a major player in the market for Printing such as Colour, Printing Software etc. The site gets updates as and when the company launches any new Issue thus continuously breathing life into the website.
Developers Virtual Splat
Haleema Enterprises - E-Commerce Website Development and Maintenance by Virtual Splat This is a Manpower Recruitment website where placements jobs information is provided in India as well as in Gulf. It features various info like the Vacancies, Documents Required and Clients and Services offered. Developed by Virtual Splat
An Online Shopping Site
Designing and Development by VirtualSplat We have developed an Online Ecommerce Shopping Website, selling Clothes and Fashion Accessories where users can Buy products Online, search product by category and other criteria. Shopping cart feature allows users to view/add products and a "Spin of fortune" to get various discount on the product. It is a perfect example of Real time content management system.
Designing and Development by Virtual Splat
Logo of Lily Software. is the Company's world-wide promotional website for the National as well as International clients. The greatest strength of this design are the clean, "airy" look and complimentary colors. The web design here is purposely clean and spare. This allows the rich content to be read with minimal distraction. Website Designing and Development by Virtual Splat
Website Development Solutions by VirtualSplat Funsoul is an online Fun-Entertainment Website. We enjoyed developing this WEB DESIGN FOR a fun-entertainment website. A collection of jokes, Wallpapers, and Info which can be added by viewers. This design has a powerful, yet easy-to-use Content Management tool that allows our client to fully manage the website.
Website Development Solutions by Virtual Splat
E-Commerce Web Site Development by VirtualSplat is a Software Development firm. So the design is specially customised for Corporate Apperance and affordable. This web design proves that a small business budget is not an obstacle to creating the polished image so crucial to making a good first impression on the "Web."
E-Commerce Web Site Development by Virtual Splat
Professional Web Site Development by VirtualSplat A website designed for a Government Law College. The site offers a medium for all students to come forward who wish to be a part of the College or who wish to Know about their college and know the latest happenings in the college. The website is developed that way that the students can view current news of the college, Exam timetables etc online which creates a bond between the students and the college management on a higher level.
Professional Web Site Development by Virtual Splat
Screenshot of the Press Ideas Web Page. This website developed on the Printing and Press industry displays various information about printing technology, shared on the web. It was designed by taking into consideration of Daily news and Events in the field of printing technology and its associative field like paper industry, etc. The company also has its own magazine which is all about printing and its development which is also shared on the website. The website is developed using the latest designing tools for better results.
Web Site Development Services by Virtual Splat
Meridian-Management - E-Commerce Website Development and Maintenance by Virtual Splat Meridian-Management a website aimed at promoting Recruitment Abbroad a company into manpower consultancy for the past 4 decades. The website has been designed keeping in mind the brand image that Meridian Management has carved for itself in the past 4 decades of relentless service and quality.
Website Design Development - Virtual Splat
Custom Web Site Development and Design by is an online marketing website for mango chutney products. This website is designed according to the theme of the website. The site is developed for the promotion of mango products. The website provides a feature to purchase the products online.
Custom Web Site Development and Design by Virtual Splat

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