Payment Gateway

A payment procedure which enables a website to accept credit cards for the Online shopping & E-Commerce systems is known as "Payment Gateway".
Payment Gateway Integration is the process through which the money is transferred to the Merchant Accounts via the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Basically Payment Gateway is a company who helps to transfer money via Internet for the Online trading & E-commerce systems. With the increase in Internet User, E-Commerce and Online shopping, there is need of the Payment Gateway to the owner with the integration of new technologies i.e. credit card, debit card, etc. From past a decade the use of credit cards has been increased rapidly. Businessmen are searching for new ways to increase sales.

The Online shopping & E-Commerce systems has also made the trade progress in a large scale. Busqinesses offering their products or services for sale on the internet cannot be limited to 'cash on delivery' methods. Thereby the Online shopping & E-Commerce systems draws customers from all parts of the world, "Payment Gateway" is a system which enables credit card payments & makes it possible for a website to cater to international clients.

Payment Processing services provide a secure interface for customers to enter their credit card details online. Once entered, the numbers are checked for discrepancies to prevent fraudulent misuse.

Virtual Splat, vendor of India of various softwares also integrates the websites with the Payment Gateway. We also integrate the shopping cart for your website. We suggest the best gateway, to make the payment for the online shopping and various plans to the customers for their website. The buyer is always secured as he is into SSL mode. Virtual Splat manages the security of the transaction for the "Customers" transparently. You do not require to invest in an expensive Digital Certificate.

Additionally, Virtual Splat is the only Payment Gateway to use a symmetric key based checksum algorithm to exchange data between your website and ours. This ensures complete security of transaction while at the same time provides an easy-integration mechanism as opposed to Socket based APIs.

Virtual Splat has implemented end-to-end security to ensure that the "Customers" have a safe, secure and smooth online experience. Maintaining a perfect balance between security, and ease-of-implementation, we have ready-made integration kits in ASP, PHP, Perl, JSP and a process that takes less than an hour to get online and live.

A Payment Gateway or Secure Online Payment System provides credit card reading and verification, billing, and transferring payment through various banks and other institutions, manages the process of transferring authorized and captured credit card funds between different trading partner's accounts such as the merchants company checking account and the consumer's account. These corporations typically charge merchants a discount rate, a transaction fee and also some fees vary from one Payment Processor to other.

We provide you these Payment Gateway Integration to grow your Bussiness 365 days a year. With these increases there is a need for us to get updated time by time, with these new technologies of Credit Card Processing etc.

Above all the Virtual Splat will consistently offer you, the cost effective & complete customization and Branding of the payment pages. Unlike other Payment Gateway solutions, we have a web based interface which allows you to define how the payment pages should appear to the "Customer".

Basically Virtual Splat excels for the integration process with the websites for the Payment Gateway & Shopping Carts. Our shopping carts are very versatile and robust, allowing site owner to update, add & delete products info like pictures, description, pricing etc. and allows them to make unlimited product categories Sub-categories from the browser based secured control panel itself.

Virtual Splat integrates the web sites with the leading big companies for Payment Gateway like Transecute, CCAvenue, Paypal etc. As they are widely acclaimed as the forerunners of e-commerce, for both B2B and B2C.

  • Log in to the website with your log in username and password.
  • Follow the booking procedures listed in the website, & make sure that you read and accept the terms & conditions before you book and pay online.
  • Once you book online with your user name and password, your transaction details will be retained in your transaction history.
  • There are multiple companies who are providing Payment gateways, you can subscribe to them.
  • Some of the leading companies, which provide Payment gateway are Transecute, CCAvenue, Paypal etc.
  • If any website wants to use the Payment gateway of a particular company then he have to get registered from a hosting company, and the hosting company will charge you for the file registration.
  • There is no standard price for every company, who are providing Payment gateway, & the charges differ from company to company.
  • If there are more volumes then the company might provide you with some discount.
  • It is for the benefit of the website owner to have as many as Payment gateway as possible.
  • You can accept credit cards depending on the Payment gateway to all type of the credit card it has linked with.
  • After the details are right then page of our site will show that the money is transferred in vendors account.
  • A shopping cart is your virtual shopping bag. It nearly collects all the products that you want to purchase. All you have to do when you like a product is to add it to your shopping cart. You can then just view your shopping cart, delete out items that you do not want and proceed to buy them further as required.
  • When you confirm your order, you will be asked to fill a form. You will have to mention your payment options on this form.
  • If a buyer wants to pay by their credit card then he just have to fill the details asked.
  • It takes hardly seconds for the transfer of money from the customers account to Payment gateway.
  • The Payment gateway companies check the credit cards details and then sends the confirmation letter to the customers that the money has been transferred successfully.
  • You have the option to make part payment as well as full payment for your purchased product. Either the minimum registration amount or the full payment mentioned against the product may be paid online.
  • E-mail correspondence from our Payment service provider like Transecute, CCAvenue, Paypal etc. as well as from us will reach your account in real time once your card is successfully authorized.
  • Payment gateway will support those currencies, depending on the number of currencies a Payment Gateway is dealing with.
  • When the customer is not satisfied with the product or if he finds any defects in the product then he asks for charge back of money & will be known as charge back policy.
  • There is no need for specific server to have payment gateway, it can be integrated to Linux or Windows.
  • SSL means Secure Socket Layer that is used to protect personal data's.
  • SSL is very important for every site having some kinds of data that has to secured.
  • The buyer will be always secured if he is into SSL mode.
  • The charges for SSL are different from every Payment gateway company.
  • DLL means Dynamic Link Library. Its not compulsion to have DLL file it depends upon the company who deals with DLL files.
  • Varisign logo is a company which verifies the data for the transactions made & moreover the logo itself enables the assurance that your site is in secured layer.
  • In the non-technical terms, it would take 340,000,000,000 years for today's fastest computers to crack Verisign SSL.

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