B2B and B2C Portal Developers

With the growing trends of globalization, each and every business firm is willing to expand its reach. We offer excellent web solution to them i.e. Portals! B2B Portal enables to find out a big chain working in the business field, which may help entrepreneur to open new horizons of business. This portal will provide data related to business community viz. as individuals, firms, corporate, institutions, societies, agencies etc.

VirtualSplat provides complete B2B Portal Development Solutions on turn-key bases. It may be an IDEA to be converted in to the venture, or your corporate need to integrate your Internal Network by an Intranet or an Extranet to integrate secure transaction processing online.

But first let us know what is a PORTAL ?
A Portal is community/transaction based website that securely provides the personalized and customizable aggregation of key content, applications, and services based on user-identity, role, group, domain, user-preferences and system determined relevancy.
Portals are gateways into the internet for many users. Portal put your presence before millions of prospects in seconds. Portal of your organisation helps you in, competing on equal terms with companies ten times the size of yours. You can market your company, your products and your services to worldwide audience by creating an Intranet Portal. You can project a larger picture of your organisation through this portal - creating a 'shop window' in markets that you would traditionally find difficult to target.

An effective B2B Portal usage in your company can save Time & Money, Increase the productivity of an organization, gives an better reputation to the company about effective usage of resources.

    What can B2B PORTAL DEVELOPMENT have ?
  • Dynamic Product Catalog with Inventory Integration
  • Custom Product Development
  • Online Order & Transaction Processing
  • Customer Problem handling
  • Effective usage of Company Newletters, with low publishing & distribution cost
  • Easy Tracking of Orders by Customers
  • Purcahsing online (Auctions/Tenders Management)
  • Intranet Portal for internal requirement better relastion ship management with employees
  • Projects Managment Tools
  • Online Private Messengers, Private Chats, Private Meetings, Private Message Boards
  • Implementation of Document Managment & Knowledge Management tools

We develop an Custom B2B Portals as per the requirement. Our team designs & develops application for Linux & Windows 2000 Platform. Being web based database application can run on any client with web browsers.

B2B Portals provide a full range of web services, including applications and e-commerce support for a customized, integrated e-business hub.

We have implemented facilities like registration services, personalization services, advertisement and promotional services, build-your-own-site facilities, business analysis and reporting facilities, content management, administration and value-added services like chat, email, news, message boards, greeting cards, polls and quizzes. Hence, a web portal development solution can be put together in a matter of weeks by us.

B2C Portals allow companies to deploy customer, consumer or community Internet sites to provide a centralized full-service starting point that can eventually be customized.
The portals can be of two types - B2B and B2C.
The B2B Portals are used by business houses and B2C Portals are used by Internet users. Some types of B2B Portals are Digital Market Places, E-Markets, etc.

  • Developing corporate Intranets, collaborative knowledge sharing networks, and many web-based applications
  • Knowledge management and information management
  • Content management and document management
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and systems integration
  • System infrastructure and security
  • Project management
  • Business intelligence, web eAnalytics and data management
  • eCRM, B2C, B2B, and B2E solutions
  • LogicaCMG - proven track record for delivery, using iterative, incremental software development processes, engaging with the customer at all stages of a project and producing business-led cost-effective solutions to business problems.

What are ePortals ?
ePortals are web-based applications that offer an integration framework for organisations that exposes and delivers, through a common, but personalised interface, business-specific information in context to customers or employees or business partners.

Where ePortals can have benefits for you ?
B2E Portals improve employee productivity by offering views on collective corporate knowledge, using advanced web search technologies to reduce information search times. B2B Portals make the enterprise more efficient through improving collaboration and making business processes more effective through incorporating workflow.

B2C Portals provide the means of selling products and services to customers through shop front metaphors and provide opportunities for providing value-added relationships with customers through eCRM Solutions.

B2C Portals provide wide customer base to business institutions. They provide vast database, which may help to market the products directly to the targeted consumers. B2B & B2C Portals are beneficial for manufacturers, wholesellers, retailers & customers also. Development of Portals is based on information, requirment & need of particular business field.

Continuous improvement & timely changes are essential for each & every web site or Portal developed by us. Therefore we provide redesigning facility to our existing and new clients. If you browse around for a few minutes and discover that your site is lacking something that attract the internet surfer to see it again & again, you must redesign your existing website. You have to add some graphics, animation etc. to it & make it catchy. We always provide new & attractive packages for consumer's absolute satisfaction. With the help of our web solutions, our client must achieve his highest aim.

VirtualSplat provides best Web Portal Development Solution and Portal Maintenance Service for B2B, B2C, E-Business & E-Commerce. We also provide Outsourcing of Portal Designing and Offshore Portal Maintenance. Portal Development is a multi-dimensional activity that involves expertise at many levels. A good Portal involves an appropriate integration of design and content in conjunction with other services offered to the user.

VirtualSplat has planned, designed and developed quality portals that shows strength in developing multi faceted, multi dimensional Web Portals. We have inherent strength in the various departments necessary to develop and deliver a quality Web Portal. Our technical skill are in the areas of JAVA, JSP/ Servlets, MS ASP, ORACLE, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, to just name a few. These technical skills are well supported by the Graphics and the user front-end visualization team who beautify and give a pleasing appearance to the Portal. A team of Search Engine Optimizers ensures that the developed portal gets a good ranking in the Search Engines backs the complete effort.

The complete process is governed by a documented Quality and Project Management Methodology, which ensures highest quality of product development.

If you have any doubts and quires and for further details please feel free to contact us at sales@virtualsplat.com

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