List Of Portal Development

An online store for selling Fabric Products. In this, the admin is given the access to back office where you can upload images, create categories & add products. We have given the full control panel to admin for order management, inventory, search facality for users, online payment gateway,product questions &answers, forums.
Dhyansanjivani is a portal of its kind, in matter of its site and internal linking. This is a totally designed and optimized website. The portal features information about all therapy, medical and mental care. The portal also features a shopping cart which works online for internet marketing. It also has chat rooms and forums. Also one of the prime feature is the Online Share Market Forecast. The site also has an Link Exchange Scheme or Website Promotion. There is even a subcription for newsletters and posting queries. And one of the key field is the Multi Level Marketing Software (MLM) which is totally an online operating software.
Journal Association of Physician of India
Portal Designed and Developed with an Internal Search Engine .
JAPI - Journal Association of Physician of India is an medical organization. This internet portal displays all the latest as well as the previous aid articles and the researches and development in the discovery of medicinal cure. The websites regularly updates the articles issued by some prime doctors about awareness, precaution and cure for various diseases. Visitor can search through the articles on various criteria like Doctor Name, Article title etc.
Robert Money Technical High School
Portal designed for a School in Mumbai.
The students of Robert Money School of the batch 1971, with the thought of increasing school reputation came to us to create this internet portal. The portal enlists the entire previous students name with their detailed information. This portal also provides last five years board papers with tips and tutorials to develop in studies. It has search property for students to find their class-mates and get their detailed information.
Portal Designed and Developed for an Online Matrimonial website with a advanced Search Engine.
An online matrimonial portal designed specially for people to find their life partner. This designed matrimonial portal is unique portal of its kind. It has various available features which have never been created in portals. The main and prime feature of this portal is the search tool for search the perfect pair for the bride and groom.The portal involves a categorization of the user according their height, height, sex and many more options. The designing of the portal is made very friendly and fast loading. The portal also presents total dynamic presentation of the paid and unpaid members with many other dymanic data input and output results.
B2B Portal for website on Ayurvednu withShoping cart online.
Ayurvednu, A Portal Developed & Implemented for India's largest Manufacturer of Ayurvedic Medicines. This Internet portal is designed as one in all stop for all ailments, and allows the visitor to browse through the categorized ailments and view details about the available remedies & the medical compositions & their usage.

Internet portal also facilitates online purchase of the medicines and at the same time, has incorporated an online support system by which the visitor can post a disease related query and can get the reply directly via mail.

The Internet portal is overall very informative and easily navigable as the portal allows viewers to get information without any sign-ups or payment related procedures.

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