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With the increase in Internet User, E-Commerce and Online shopping, there is need of the Payment Gateway to the owner with the integration of new technologies i.e. credit card, debit card, etc. With these increase there is need us to get updated, with these new technology of Credit Card Processing.

A Payment Gateway or Secure Online Payment System provides credit card reading and verification, billing, and transferring payment through various banks and other institution. Manages the process of transferring authorized and captures credit card funds between different trading partner's accounts such as the merchants company checking account and the consumer's account. These corporations typically charge merchants a discount rate, a transaction fee and also some fees vary from one Payment Processor to other. We provide you these Payment Gateway Integration to grow your Bussiness 365 days a year.

What is Payment Gateway Integration?
Payment Gateway Integration is the process through which the money is transferred to the Merchant Accounts via the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).
Payment Gateway Integration is generally done with the Shopping Cart so that you can buy or sale anything on Internet.
Payment Gateway can also be stated as the process of transaction via credit card using Authorized Net.

What is the procedure to have payment gateway integration?
There are many companies who are providing payment gateway, so you can subscribe to them.
You can also use the facilities that they provide by subscribing to their gateway.

Who provides Payment Gateway facilities?
The companies, which provide payment gateway.
Integration with the payment gateway helps the business to be online and be available to all 365 days a year and 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
These Payment Gateways are provided by various Banks and different Payment Processors such as CC Avenue, Pay Pal, etc.

How can my buyer pay by their Credit Card on my website?
If a buyer wants to pay by their credit card then he just have to fill the details asked. The details include credit card number, date of expiry etc.
After the details are right then page of our site will show that the money is transferred in our account.

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