Credit Card Processing System By Virtual Splat

How will I know that the money has been transferred successfully?
You receive a confirmation letter from gateway.
E.g.: The gateway companies check the credit cards details and then send the confirmation letter to the customer.

What is a Charge Back Policy?
The customer is not satisfied with the product or if he finds any defects in the product then he asks for charge back of money.
The Payment gateway company ask for the transaction to the merchant and by the permission of the merchant it pays the refund.

Can I have more then one gateway on my website?
It is for the benefit of the website owner to have as many as payment gateway as possible.
These would increase the indirect link of the merchant to the various banks.

How many currency do a payment gateway support?
Depending on the number of currencies is Payment Gateway dealing with.

How much time does it takes to transfer money from buyer's credit card to my account?
It takes hardly seconds for the transfer of money from the customers account to payment gateway.
But it takes the time as per the rules of the payment gateway.
It is 1 weeks or less than 1 week on an average.

How can I add Shipping Charges?
Yes, you can add shipping charges.
It depends entirely on you.

Can I add the transaction fees charged by the gateway company, to my buyer?
It depends entirely on you.
You can add the transaction fees.

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