How Bhairav Infotech manages Computer peripheral inventory.

Bhairav Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Bhairav Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 2005, the Company has developed into one of the leading traders of computer peripherals with employees specialized in hardware products R & D. They have very large inventory of computer goods to handle. If you visit their website, it shows the photos of their inventory and godown. So basically, they so have large inventory to handle.

Virtual Splat has provided them with Online Inventory Management software for managing complete operations in sales from multiple offices. Primary objective of the software is to automate the process and capture/provide information to capture sales order, dispatch, manage inventory and give analytical reports to plan purchase. Okay too much said, we explain you what was the problem and what solution we gave. Yes, we have to give solution because we are software solution provider!

Problems, Problems, Problems!!

Before implementing our software, there was no system that can track the sales or purchase order from different locations. Therefore, to track products of different branches was difficult. They had to manually take the product records of each branch and tally how many pendings orders exist and how many product items they are left with. Now, with such system it becomes very difficult to handle the organisation functioning.

As we said, we provided them the soution :

We provided them with complete web based computer management software. Now, they can know the status of all the branches by sitting at one place and drinking chilled pepsi!
If some item is transfered from one location to other, it is recorded and accrodingly the inventory is changed. So, they can know how much stock is available in one particular branch. Isn't this inforamtion crusial ? Of course, it is.
We have designation master, which works on specific rights to assign to particular user. This feature is important in assigning the work to different employees with different job positions. This helps in keeping the tranperancy. They have two major categories of products related to computer. i.e one which require sequence number (Hard disk, Monitor Screen, CPU etc.) which have a unique ID and other which do not require sequnce number (for eg. USB wire, chips etc.). Our software manages both of them separately and effeciently.
All the tax inforamtion and accounting is handled by our software. Our software is the accountant and our software is the Charted Accountant! The replacment and enqiry module helps them to track replacement enquires. This feature is important in this business sector.
The next best part is, REPORTS!! Without analysis the entire hard work might go to waste. For a company to grow it is important to minimize the cost and increase the effeciency, you need to constanly keep tab on what has happened previously and what can be done in future. For all this analysis you need Reports. The real time Reports provided by the software has made Bhairav Infotech efficient in cutting the cost for unnecessary purchases and pre-ordeing some product item in hand at low cost and thus maximize the profit! Profit is the prime reason of the existance of any business. And we are too concerned for the same.

The After Plans:

Bhairav Technologies has fully adapted to our online inventory system. They have dedicated team working on our software 24x7 for smooth running of the business and maintaining stock and inventory. With all the accounting, inventory and product management in place, they palnning to open new branches in near-by location. Thus, inventory software system implementation not only makes it easy for management but also, grows sale and make it reach a new level. We wish them luck for new expansion.

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