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Have you heard name “Mafatlal”??. Yes we all knows that Mafatlal is one of the top most Textile Company in India. Mafatlal Industries Limited has been a leader in Textile for over 100 years. The total sales of Mafatlal Industries Limited for the last financial year 2013-14 was over 85 million meters.

In the year 2014, “Vasanji Gopaldas” headed by Shri. Girishkumar Vasanji entered into Joint Venture of marketing of the brand “MenZZo” Suiting with Mafatlal Industries Limited.

Virtual Splat has provided them a complete software solution for their organization right from stock maintaining to accounting, barcoding and inventory control from multiple locations. Primary objective of the software is to automate the process and provide information to track sales order, dispatch, manage inventory and give analytical reports to plan purchase. Menzzo has multiple locations, they were not able to view stock of each and every location. This problem made them handicapped in knowing the stock or other details of other location. They were not able to find quick stock of the products, pending orders and check the quality of Material. Applying VAT and to check the rate of the product in the sales voice was also not possible with their existing system. Sales invoice with multiple VAT was what they wanted. The Inventory Management was not proper because at that time they used to maintain their data in Tally. There was no system that can track the sales or purchase order from different locations. They had to manually take the product records of each branch and tally how many pending orders exist and how many product items they are left with. Now, with such system it becomes very difficult to handle the organization functioning. It was very essential to have an online system with fast data evaluation. The slow system was affecting the overall performance of the company.

*How Virtual splat helped them:

We gave them web based online inventory software for their trading business which is accessible from any part of the world. With our software they could find quick , number of pending purchase orders for purchase Invoice, minimum stock alerts, VAT Management.

We provided them a fully Web Based Software, which allowed them to use the software any time and anywhere.

The different locations might have different machines and might be they are using different browser, But our software is web Based. The software works smoothly on any operating system and supports all browser. The software is tested on all the known browsers. This make them works easily without much to worry about the technical stuff. The major challenge was working with different location. To coordinate and have synchronization with the company's multiple locations and hundreds of employees was a big challenge.

Virtual Splat has taken care of this issue on priority bases. The inventory control software can handle unlimited users and unlimited locations easily. Since this is a textile industry, workers here are more in to machines rather than handling computer stuff. But we made the software so simple that even non-technical person can operate it easily. Now, the system is perfect in place, they are having no issues like 'stock not found' or 'overstock' etc.

Some of the Customized Features are explained below :-

  • Delivery Challan-

    • We have provided them Delivery Challan feature in which they can make delivery challan manually as per the Order.

    • In this form product's information is entered the barcode is scanned that will be automatically displayed in the Scan Barcode No.and the related information will be displayed in the child grid.

  • Design wise Purchase Order / Sales Order-

    • We have provided them Design wise purchase / sales order feature. In this, customer can order according to his choice. Now customer can easily find which kind of desinged material he wants to buy.

    • This feature make them works easily without much to worry about the technical stuff.

  • Colour Wise Purchase / Sales Order -

    • In this customer can select colour wise material and he can order for the same.

  • Bale History Reports -

    • We have provided them Bale History Reports

Salient Features of Mafatlal Menzzo ERP Portal Provided By Virtual Splat Software Pvt Ltd.

  • Mafatlal is one of the first Mill in India having state of the art Online Portal on Cloud provided by Virtual Splat.

  • Virtual Splat have provided them fully computerised with state of the "Scanning System" connected to online portal on Cloud ensuring seamless access to live inventory data and ensuring perfect delivery of colours as per sales order.

  • Entire Range can be viewed online in the product gallery, live inventory data, orders booked online with all aspects of accounting also done online.

  • All Dealers & Guarantors have access to the online portal with individual login access.

  • LIVE SMS and E-MAIL updates for all transactions for guarantors and dealer including billing & receipts acknowledgements.

MIS Reports -

In MIS Reports we have provided them list of Features:

  • Accounts Reports.

  • Bale Wise History Reports.

  • Agent wise Outstanding.

  • Sales wise Reports.

  • Purchase wise Reports.

  • Job worker reports.

  • Stock Reports etc.

Excel Reports -

In Excel Reports we have provided them list of features:

  • Pending GRN.

  • Pending Sales Order.

  • Delievry Challan Reports.

  • State City wise sales Reports.

  • Ledger Closing Balance.

  • Product colourwise stock Reports etc.

Online Order History -

Due to this feature provided by Virtual Splat now client can see the Online Order history from any place at any time.

Mezzo deals with many products related to textile. Our automated barcoding system has made them handle so many products very easily. Instant Support for any problem or update in the software have made our relationship with them stronger. Live Reports, since the web is LIVE have helped them to track all their transactions. This feature has given them the ability to work more. Support is something that keeps our customers make business with us for long time.

We have provided them Features Like Delivery Challan, Bale wise, etc.

With the help of our ERP Software “Menzzo” had successfully installed state of the Art Online Software on Cloud where all the dealers and distributors can access live data on the Portal itself. Distributors can also see the entire products gallery image, place orders online, settle payment details and can also see the entire product gallery information. The entire distribution channel operating from Bhivandi Warehouse is barcoded with wireless barcode scanners and state of the art distribution and order tracking system installed.

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