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ROGER MOTORS, a National Award Winning Company, (Yes, they are famous!) was founded by a car enthusiast, racer & a scholar Automobile Engineeri n 1992 in the city of Rajkot. Roger Motors started with small very Garage & now it has grown into multiband car workshop. They are famous for the service and technical assiatance in world of cars. You can say they are into customizing cars and making a normal car look like those used by superheores you watch on your television sets.

Now,Virtual Splat did not help them to customize the car! What we provided them was a complete software solution for their organisation right from stock maintaining to accounting, barcoding and inventory control.

What we delivered: We gave them web based online inventory software for their trading business which is accessible from any part of the world. With our software they can find quick stock registration, number of pending purchase orders for purchase Invoice, minimum stock alerts, VAT Management and what not.

Every problem is a gift - without problems we would not grow!! Roger Motors had a vision to grow, grow and expand their business all across INDIA. But to achieve success is never so easy. You need to have problems. ROGER MOTORS had multiple locations, they were not able to view stock of each and every location. This problem made them handicapped in knowing the stock or other details of other location. They were not able to find quick stock of the products, pending orders and check the quality of car accessories. Applying VAT and to check the rate of the product in the sales voice was also not possilbe with their existing system. Sales invoice with multiple VAT was what they wanted.

Happiness is the ability to deal with problems. How we did it is listed below:

  • We provided them a fully Web Based / Browser Based Software, which allowes them to use the software all time from any part of the world.
  • Rogor Motors have different branches to deal. The different branch offices might have different machines and different browsers installed. But our software is Browser and operating system compatible. The software works smoothly on any operating system from Windows 98 to Vista and even on Mac and Linux. It supports all Browsers, the software is tested on all the famous browsers like Internet Explorer 6, 7 and Mozilla Firefox 3. This make them works easily witihout much to worry about the technical stuff.
  • The major challenge was working with different braches. To cordinate and have synchronization with the organisaton's multiple branches and hundreds of employees was a big challenge. Virtual Splat has taken care of this issue effetively. The inventory control software can handle unlimited users and unlimited locations easily. Since this is a automobile sector insustry, workers here are more in to machines rather than handiling computer stuff. But we made the software so simple that even not so technical mechanic can operate it easily. Now, the system is perfect in place, they are having no issues like 'stock not found' or 'overstock' etc.
  • Roger Motors deals with many products related to cars. Our automated barcoding system has made them handle so many products efficiently without thinking much about accounts.
  • Instant Support for any problem or update in the software have made our relationship with them more strong.
  • Live Reports, since the web is LIVE have helped them to track all their deliverires and bookings. This feature has given them the ebility to work with more precision and deliver the service at its best to their clients.
  • Support is something that keeps our customers make business with us for long time.
  • Unlimited reports! The best and the most important feature of our software is Reports. The various and unlimted reports helps IDBI to analyzise their business and thus help in strategic planning. This is crusial for all the organisation as it helps to build the future plans and strengthens the foundation. All reports exportable to Excel and PDF, thus this eliminates the technological barriers.

Future Plans of Rogor Motors is to reach all over with speed of car! After having a system in place for accounting, store management, inventory management, they are plannnig to spread all over India. They have opened new branches in various parts of INDIA. They are plannig to open new showrooms and customize many more cars. With increase in the number, the database is growing too. But it won't hamper the system as the system is all ready for it. Go ahead Roger Motors, we are with you.

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