Vichare Courier achieved success in effectively managing their inventory.

Vichare Courier Service Pvt. Ltd.
Vichare Courier. Knock knock your courier has arrived on TIME. Breaking News: Vichare Courier opening new branch soon. "Online Web based inventory system proivded by Virtual Splat has helped us to maintain our ON TIME DELIVERY service. And yes, with entire system in place, we are now planning to open new branches. Now, opening a New vertical is not that difficult."

All the statements above are poosible because Vicahre Courier is now having an automated and online inventory system in place for managing parcels and documents. Of course, this system is provided by us! Online inventory system has not only made their life easier but also has provided them an opportunity to enhance their business and reach new heights.

Vichare, the name in the business community for its delivery on time of sensitive documents and parcels. Vichare is engaged in Marketing and Customer Services at marketing division, providing price fixation for each job/lot, dealing with clients and different Service Centers. It deals with 100000 + documents in a day!! Now, that's really a big number.

Virtual Splat has provided them with a complete Booking and Delivery management software for managing all operations which can be accessed by all the employees of Vichare Courier from any location. Primary objective of the software is to automate the process of Enquiry, Follow up of Enquiry, Pickup Follow up, Booking of documents, Delivery of documents, Handling inventory of product & stationary and give analytical Reports. The inventory software provided by us is huge like HULK!

Vichare Courier did face PROBLEMS: There was no system which could track the document or the product automatically and give Live updates of it. The system they were using for maintaining the inventory and stock was offline. So, any changes made by various location at a time caused discrepancy in the data. This caused the whole syatem to run slow. The slow system effects the overall performance of the organisation. Delivery on TIME being the key feature, they could not efford to lose on this feature. They needed a system which was fast and available all the time. An Online system is the word.

What we offered Vichare Courier is:

  • 100% Web Based / Browser Based Software or what will call Online Inventory Software, which helps them to use the software 24x7 from anywhere.
  • Free from operating system and browser issues. The software will work on any operating system from Windows 98 to Vista and even on Mac and Linux. It will support all Browsers, the software is tested on all the famous browsers like Internet Explorer 6, 7 and Mozilla Firefox 3.
  • Unlimited Users, Unlimited Locations. The major challenge of this huge organisation is its huge territory. To cordinate and have synchronization with the organisaton's multiple branches and hundreds of employees was a big challenge. Virtual Splat has taken care of this issue effetively. The software can handle unlimited users and unlimited locations smoothly.
  • Unlimited Email Alerts have made their operation more smooth and effective.
  • Instant Support for any problem or update in the software have made our relationship with Vichare more valuable.
  • Live Reports, since the web is LIVE have helped them to track all their deliverires and bookings. This feature has given them the ebility to work with more precision and deliver the service at its best to their clients.
  • Our 24X7 Monitoring for Performance and Updates have helped them to maximize their output.
  • Unlimited reports, the best and the most important feature of our software is Reports. The various type and unlimited reports helps Vichare to analyze their business and thus they can work on strategic planning easily. This is crusial for all the organisation as it helps to build the future plans and strengthens the foundation. All reports exportable to Excel and PDF, thus this eliminates the technological barriers.
  • The various modules including compaliants, utilites, stock, invoices etc. have helped them to serve their clients in best possilbe way.

Everyone faces challenges, so did Virtual Splat: Speed being the important issue for Viachare Courier, we really needed to work on it. The slow system was effecting the productivity. There was urgent need of speedy and perfect system. The next hurdle to be faced was the reports. Live reports could make the work easy and effective. If the current and LIVE data could be fetched easily, it would help a lot in the analysis and thus fasten the desicion making process and plan on future strategies.

But there is Solution to everything: Speed being so crusial, we optimized the database completely. The optimizition was done to the micro level. This enhanced the speed of the system drastically. Speed issue was thus eliminated. Now, the reporting needed the live data at lighting speed. So the dedicated server was set up only for reports. Analysis being important, a server is completely dedicated to generate Live and up-to-date reports. We also developed a separate Printing Tool which is light weighted, fast and robust. This tool have helped them immensely in printing various things easily and at very fast speed. So next time you receive a courier, make sure you check the print of the receipt!

Future Plans of Vichare Courier: After the successful implementaition of the courier delivery management software system which could help this courier service provider in courier management effortlessly and on time, they are plannig for their future expansion. Their vision is to expand their service all over India. They are also planning for Online booking / Query facility & Prepaid Coupon System. And Virtual Splat is going to help them achieve the same. We wish them ALL THE BEST! Together, we will do better.

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