Introduction to Mobile Technology
For businesses with web sites, games are an opportunity to increase customer loyalty. Using games to improve business is nothing new. Crossword puzzles in newspapers increase reader loyalty by providing a dependable daily amusement. Contests under bottle caps boost sales by promising a chance to win prizes. Trivia quizzes in movie theatres keep customers entertained while waiting for a movie.

On the web, games are actively engaging experiences, increasing their ability to hold people's attention and keep customers coming back. But with the fast growing technology, mobile handsets and mobile games have become the best way to attract and hold a user on the mobile today.

In recent times, mobile games have gained popularity for providing personal entertainment, the popularity of mobile gaming playing a pivotal role in revenue generation for the cellular carriers, mobile advertisers and handset makers while generating numerous opportunities for game developers and associated professionals. With the number of mobile gamers around the world expected to reach 220 million by 2009, the mobile gaming business is projected to expand to higher levels and constitute a bigger portion of the pie for the cellular carriers and handset makers. Mobile Games have become a new source of advertisements of products and selling on online games on WAP services too.
Mobile Technology in Today's World
JAVA Mobile gaming is projected to become one of the fastest growing sectors in the IT industry. As Java developers, we are well suited to enter this new industry sector because the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) is emerging as one of the most widely supported mobile gaming platforms.
Our Work
VirtualSplat's Latest Penalty Shoot Game, successfully running on Nokia Phones, is the creation of superb custom mobile games for clients of all sorts. These games and applications typically contain product/corporate branding and are designed to attract and entertain the desired audience on the client's web site. VirtualSplat is equally comfortable working directly for corporate clients or indirectly as a specialty subcontractor to a site's web design or advertising firm. As JAVA "specialists", VirtualSplat brings a degree of expert knowledge to entertainment projects that are not widely found in more general design agencies. Whether you want a cheap mobile game to boost your online marketing, an 'off the shelf' system, a bespoke development tailored exactly to your needs, or even for us to host and manage your game application, we can manage all your requirements.

Client confidentiality is always respected at VirtualSplat. We enjoy the creative process of freely exchanging ideas with our clients in order to arrive at well-targeted, cost effective game designs. Client scheduling requirements are respected and met as well.
Customer Satisfaction
Our games are quick to pick up - but hard to master.
They play brilliantly and look stunning. Players stay longer to play longer. They come back from time to time again and also brings their friend. All of this leads to great exposure to our product and brands. Depending upon the type and scope of a project, a creative team of anywhere from two to eight skilled professionals will be assembled to design, program, implement and test the content being created.
Our Satisfaction
Teams will always include a lead programmer and graphic designer. When projects call for specific expertise in areas such as J2ME programming, Mobile game environment design, multi-player programming, complex character animation, or special audio effects -- talented full-time individuals are on-staff to fill appropriate slots in the creative team.
The Future
Mobile entertainment is currently one of the hottest sectors in the US and has a long history of success in Europe and Asia. We develop high-quality, premium games for all types of gaming enthusiasts. Our mobile game categories include Action, Shooting, Sports, Puzzle, Premium SMS, Voting Polls, and Network based Multiplayer games.

Our mobile games are designed and developed for the most popular mobile platforms. Premium SMS, J2ME, Symbian and BREW games can be downloaded and played on a variety of mobile handsets from leading handset manufactures, such as Nokia, Motorola, LG, Sony Erickson, and Samsung.
Usefull Information
J2ME enjoys the status of an industry standard backed by all major handset makers, with most of the present day mobile phones being Java-enabled. J2ME is a free and open platform. This helps keep the development of costs low projects and provides the necessary flexibility with ample support freely available for developers using it. Its highly portable nature ("Write once run anywhere") ensures that a game application written for one brand/type of handset will work with all other brands/types of Java-enabled handsets. It is especially optimized for small devices, is lightweight, and is highly secure because applications written on it cannot access or affect other applications running on the phone/device. J2ME consists of the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) API that is designed specifically for developing applications for mobile devices including mobile phones, keeping in mind their limitations and constraints. Furthermore, the latest MIDP version 2.0 itself dedicates a whole API to game development, making game development simpler and quicker.
Types of mobile games

Based on the above criteria, the most successful future mobile games are casual games that provide entertainment value to a broad range of players in all social settings. In particular, the following types of games are emerging as tomorrow's killer games

Multiplayer games: Those games could provide mobile access to established online game communities. Or, they could create completely different social structures taking advantage of mobile-specific features such as the multimedia messaging and location-based services. Good game design and management are crucial to this type of game's success.

Content-based games: Those games deliver copyrighted multimedia entertainment content, such as celebrity photos, video clips, voice ringtones, and personalized sports games to music/movie/sports fans. The key to success is to provide a flow of high-quality content that justifies the subscription cost.

High-impact visual games: PC and console games have evolved from 2D to 3D. Mobile games will follow this trend too. There are already several mobile 3D toolkits and handsets available. However, 3D games are very resource intensive. They require expertise from both developers and graphic designers. Professional shops will most likely develop these games.

During mobile games' early days, most developers were enthusiasts who wanted to play with their devices, learn new skills, and make a quick buck. However, as more developers enter this space, mobile games have evolved into major productions that involve professional designers, architects, developers, business dealers, lawyers, and artists. This is an inevitable trend as the industry matures. For developers, this change poses both challenges and opportunities. While it is harder to develop and sell simple games in one's spare time, more pro shops will offer better employment opportunities for many people.
We build games based on your design documents, sketches or even a general concept. We can create the entire project or just provide the services you need, including: design, graphic and audio production, animation, programming, and publishing. We have worked with companies, developers & individuals, helping them achieve their goals by providing them quality programming services & innovative solutions that is both affordable & ideal for any business type or size.
Mobile games can be classified into three broad categories:

Embedded games: Games that are hardcoded into the mobile handset's system and shipped with it. Soon to be outdated/obsolete. Example: Snake, shipped with all Nokia phones.

SMS games:
Games played by sending text messages-for example, SMS to game server-that process them and sends back the result through SMS. Often in the form of live contests and polls. Not very popular because the cost of gaming increases with each SMS sent to the game server.

Browser games:
These games are played using mobile phone's built-in microbrowser (net browser for mobile devices), either in online or offline mode. Players can play such games online through their cellular carrier's or a third-party game provider's game Web site, or download them for offline gaming. This category includes a wide range of games, such as solo or multiplayer games, network games, offline games, arcade games, and so forth

Among these three categories, browser games are today's most popular type of mobile games for their innovative and multimedia-rich content, appealing presentation, and lower cost of gaming compared to SMS games. This article discusses the development of browsing games and henceforth, the term "mobile games" will refer to "browser games" in this article.
Our Mobile J2ME games get people hooked.
Your customers are as competitive as you are - a game with a scoreboard means even more incentive to keep playing again and again. Players are a valuable source of demographic information just waiting to be tapped. Visitors who'll normally close any window with a form are happy to fill it in if they know it leads to great gaming or even a prize.

If you look what 3D did to PC gaming,We are sure that the user will appreciate 3d mobile games as well. 3D is such a crucial element in the in the traditional gaming industry today, We are confident that consumer will adopt 3d games rather quickly. As games gravitate online, integrate the use of new peripherals, and are programmed for a wider array of mobile platforms, The skill sets required to build and market those games will be in many respects and would differ greatly from past and present skill set expectations. Whether you are currently working in the industry or looking to get in, you need to know the skills required to build the next generation of games. VirtualSplat has come a long way in a short period of time, and advances and changes continue to happen at an ever increasing pace and has reached the depths of 3D mobile Game Development and Designing.

Please consider working with the talented professionals at VirtualSplat when you are seeking superior 2-D and 3-D Mobile Game Development Company.
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